Custom Wall Murals and How to Choose The Best One For Your Space

Are you tired of your plain walls? Would you like to add colour, texture, and bold patterns to your space? It is natural to tire of your home decor after some time. While cost is a concern for many people, redecorating need not be expensive. Wall murals will transform your space, and you won’t need to break the bank to do this.

Custom wall murals can either enhance your interior decor or destroy it, depending on your choice.

What is your colour scheme?

Before choosing a wall mural, consider the colour scheme of the space it will occupy. You don’t want to end up with a wall mural that will force you to change your furniture and rags because it doesn’t match with anything in your space.

Before opting for a specific wall mural, ask yourself how it will fit in with everything else in that space. You may like the design and the colour, but you should consider a different mural if it is unsuitable for that space.

If you are looking at a wall mural independent of everything else in the room, it should only be because you intend to redecorate the entire room.

Is the pattern suitable?

Some wall mural designs can be so busy that they should only be used in specific areas. If you are considering a bold pattern, you shouldn’t put the wall mural in an office. You should also avoid wall murals with bold patterns in rooms with rags and furniture with equally bold patterns.

The entire space will look messy instead of attractive. If you have patterned carpets or upholstery, you are better off going for a plain wall mural.

How big is the room?

The wall mural can make a room appear bigger or smaller, depending on the print and colour. If you want a custom wall mural for a small room, it is best to go for a bright colour and large prints.

Dark colours and small prints tend to make a room appear smaller. Bright colours and large patterns give an optical illusion of a bigger room. For example, forest and landscape murals are great for small spaces because they give an illusion of depth and open spaces.

Will the wall be bare, or will it have wall hangings?

Some people overlook this, yet it is very critical when you are choosing a wall mural. If this is the only wall in your house where you can put up your photo display and other art, you need to get a wall mural that will enhance the visual appeal of your wall hangings.

If the art and photos are already colourful, then go for a plain wall mural. Go for soft colours which will not compete with your wall art and photographs.

However, if your wall will be bare except for the wall mural, you can be as creative as you wish. After all, this wall mural is also part of your interior decor, and it will stand out on its own.

When choosing wall murals, you can merge your interests with those of your space. If you love the outdoors, you can transform your space with an outdoor wall mural theme. Imagine the mural in the room, and if it fits in with everything else, then it is the right one.