Cute Ways to Organize Your Media Center

A media center can become a chaotic mess if some organization doesn’t take place, but if you enjoy home design, it’s a great excuse to make it a weekend design project. Decluttering doesn’t have to be stressful if you incorporate things that you enjoy into the job! Pop a bottle of wine, or put on your favorite music, and begin organizing in a fun way!

Monochromatic Color Schemes Always Help

If you have a media center that you are proud of and want to draw attention to, accessorizing the main piece (the media center) is an easy way to make it look more sophisticated and grown-up and less like a cluttered gaming corner in a dorm room.

Once you’ve purchased a nice piece to be the main organizing component for your TV, gaming units, music technology, and other accessories like gaming controllers, game discs, cords, and more—an easy way to tie together the job of organizing everything within and around the storage cabinet is to focus on a main color when purchasing small items like the plastic trays you might purchase for inside a drawer, or if it is a decorative component to sit atop your media center, maybe stick to the same color scheme and buy a couple of accent pieces to place on top, and make the area look more tied in with your home.

You didn’t get great-looking contemporary media storage just to have cluttered drawers full of old pieces of mail or cat treat bags. Keep media-related things in the media center drawers and shelves.

A drawer organizer is a great way to find a place for those stray items, including the multiple cords you accumulate. A monitor organizer might be another answer to helping clutter issues, and once again keeping these items within a like color scheme makes it visually cohesive from a design standpoint. Some unusual bookends that appeal to your design sense are always a great item for any kind of organization job.

Incorporate An Eye Catching Accent Piece To Keep It Fun

Discs for gaming or DVDs can be taken out of bulky packaging and put into catalogued sleeves placed into a ringed binder. Another idea for a large collection of discs is to organize them (without the plastic packaging) in a long, narrow box with paper or plastic dividers, almost like a recipe box. If you can’t find a box you like, you can even cover a cardboard box with wallpaper or even wrapping paper to make it match your design theme.

Vintage wallpaper is a great item when lining drawers to add color to your project. Sure, anybody can buy contact paper from a big box store, but vintage wallpaper is a unique item that can be bought fairly inexpensively on auction sites. Again, stick to a color scheme to make everything come together nicely when it’s all put together.

Follow A Theme

If you are organizing a kid’s media area, a fun theme might help you to keep an enjoyable and organized media corner. If your child is a gamer, it’s a gimme that you could incorporate some gaming-related elements when adding accent pieces and decluttering elements.

Maybe using a vintage 8-bit theme, with elements that harken back to the days of Atari would be a chic way to create an interesting child’s media area that doesn’t scream out the standard, overused kids themes that people resort to when decorating with a kid’s area in mind. Pixelated drawer liners or a few items that take the mind back to a much simpler time in gaming is a way to begin to decorate and organize that pesky gaming area.

Have Fun With Organizing

Above all, have fun when you are organizing your new media center. Interior design is meant to be pleasurable and fun – the little ways that you make a place your very own. It’s YOUR house, so the only person you can disappoint is you, and you’re in charge if you decide you want to change it again next week. Sometimes we get too serious with our home design projects, but if you keep it fun while you organize, the creative juices will flow, and your project will be finished before you know it.