Dak Prescott is ‘confident’ that he will come to a contract resolution with the Dallas Cowboys, despite a lack of significant talks between the team and the quarterback’s agent

  • Prescott’s four-year deal that he signed in 2021 is set to expire after this season 
  • He has a no-trade clause tacked onto the deal and can’t be franchise tagged 
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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is set to enter the final year of his contract – with no serious talks taking place between his representation and the team just yet.

Prescott’s deal is set to cost $59.45million in cap space for the Cowboys in 2024 – with a $29m base salary and a bonus of $5m this year.

‘I’m definitely confident,’ Prescott said on Monday (via ESPN). ‘Obviously it helps the team. 

‘It’s important for the numbers … That is a process. Both sides understand that. Everything’s great. It’ll happen.’

If Prescott’s previous negotiations are to be a basis for how these talks will go, it’s not a promising sign.

No significant talks have been made to keep Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys of late

Owner Jerry Jones says he isn't afraid that this might be the quarterback's final season

Owner Jerry Jones says he isn’t afraid that this might be the quarterback’s final season

Jones says the Cowboys have an 'all-in' approach to the offseason, which Prescott likes

Jones says the Cowboys have an ‘all-in’ approach to the offseason, which Prescott likes

It took almost two years for both sides to arrive at the four-year, $160m deal Prescott inked back in 2021.

As a part of that deal, the Cowboys can’t place the franchise tag on him in 2025 and he also has a no-trade clause.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said at the NFL Combine, ‘What we do there or don’t do [with Prescott’s contract], I couldn’t say at this time, but the main thing is he’s going to be our quarterback.’

Jones also has said he doesn’t ‘fear’ that this could be Prescott’s last year in Dallas ‘because I have gotten my mind on being better than we were last year. And that’s where the focus would be.’

The owner has called his team’s approach to the offseason as ‘all-in’ after disappointment in the playoffs, something that Prescott is looking forward to.

‘I’m excited to see it, honestly,’ Prescott said. ‘I don’t know. I can’t say I’ve had talks with him about what is all-in and how he plans on making those moves, but, yeah, let’s see and I’m excited for it.’ 

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