Dan Wootton on Meghan Markle’s New York speech

  • March 2023: Official US accounts reveal multi-millionaire Meghan Markle says she works just ONE HOUR a week for her charity foundation Archewell.
  • May 2023: Meghan Markle wins the Women of Vision gong at the Ms Foundation Awards where she goes on stage in New York and invokes the late Queen by preaching to the gathered multi-millionaires about a life of ‘service’.

The public deification of the Duchess of Sussex would be almost farcical if it wasn’t taken seriously by the uber woke American left-wing media elite.

How can someone invoke sacrifice when they appear to have done literally the total opposite throughout their well-documented life?

As someone who has covered Meghan since she started to date Harry, the launch of Meghan 2.0 in New York this week was all taken from her carefully plotted PR playbook, albeit now somewhat overshadowed by the ‘car chase’ row that followed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Ms Foundation Women of Vision Awards on Tuesday

Livid about missing the spotlight at the King’s Coronation, most likely because of very real fears she would have been booed while entering and possibly even inside Westminster Abbey, she needed her own golden moment in the spotlight.

Her exhausting one-sided rivalry with the Princess of Wales – so dignified and poised at the Coronation – will never end.

So predictably, her saccharin but soulless speech was littered with not-so-subtle digs at the Royal Family.

Yet again, she suggests she was treated so appallingly by her various servants and advisers in the Royal Family, that she realised she could ‘not be afraid of saying what is true and what is just and what is right.’

But any fact check of her Oprah Winfrey moanfest about her time in the UK will confirm that ‘saying what is true’ is not one of Meghan’s priorities.

‘Her truth’ is claiming she’s the world’s most unlikely victim – revered by millions, living in mansions or palaces, showered with free gifts, and with the sort of daily privilege and luxury for which most of us can only ever dream.

As part of the US-facing relaunch, Meghan is also trying to equate herself to the late Queen by stealing her mantra of ‘daily acts of service’.

The Sussexes were joined by Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, for the event on Tuesday

The Sussexes were joined by Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, for the event on Tuesday

Meghan arrives in a $1,850 strapless gold dress with scalloped pattern detailing on Tuesday

Meghan arrives in a $1,850 strapless gold dress with scalloped pattern detailing on Tuesday

But, let’s have some real talk for a moment, no two women could be more different.

The late Queen eschewed personal luxuries and an easy life to dedicate her time on planet earth to serving the British people and the Commonwealth, with a hard daily slog even into her twilight years.

She avoided personal dramas, lived modestly and was almost entirely focussed – aside from her love of the horses – on her subjects on a daily basis, right up until her death at 96.

Oh, and she didn’t want the world to know her innermost feelings.

Sadly, amongst the woke brigade these days, embracing the scourge of victimhood is good for business, so that’s what Meghan will continue to do.

By calling on people to ‘be the visionary of your own life’, she is, yet again, suggesting she had to break free of the confines of the Royal Family to do that.

In reality, Meghan could have achieved far more for the charity causes she claims to care about if she had stayed working within the British monarchy.

When I think about the late Princess Diana, she is immediately linked to the projects for which she devoted her time.

In such a short life, she transformed public discourse internationally on bulimia and other eating disorders, the AIDS epidemic and the plight of landmines.

A quarter of a century on from her tragic death, the impact that she made in these important social and humanitarian areas is still felt today.

It’s not an exaggeration to say she changed the world.

Her daughter-in-law, by contrast, appears focussed on a blancmange woke set of radical feminist priorities not rooted in any actual practical change.

The charity honoured Meghan for her so-called ‘lifelong advocacy for women and girls’, describing the privileged princess as ‘one of the most powerful and influential women in the world’.

But that doesn’t answer the most fundamental question in all of this: What has she actually done?

Meghan 2.0 appears to be all about a ruthless dominance of the woke media narrative via spin, Hollywood glamour and money, not practical good deeds.

There is no suggestion that there is any overarching sort of mission, other than earning lots of greenback and fast, while increasing her profile through highly controlled media and personal appearances.

The Duchess held a gold clutch in her hand and sported diamond bracelets on her wrist

The Duchess held a gold clutch in her hand and sported diamond bracelets on her wrist 

We were assured that, ‘Meghan directs her philanthropy through their Archewell Foundation’.

But their overwhelming focus since moving to Montecito has, it seems to me, been directing their efforts into making themselves very very rich, rather than focussing on their charity endeavours where official filings for Archewell record her working just one hour per week, though this is apparently the standard amount that non-profits disclose for board participation, and is similar to disclosures made by the Obamas and Mark Zuckerberg for their charitable foundations. 

The tax records for Archewell obtained by MailOnline revealed that in 2021 it gave out $3million in grants while raising $13 million from wealthy benefactors and $4,500 in public donations.

They made much more money from their deals with Netflix and Spotify, which they’ve used to buy a massive mansion.

There was a large degree of hypocrisy on display, as ever, as she called for ‘grace’ and ‘fairness’ during her speech.

What is graceful or fair about attacking a seriously ill father who raised you and paid for your education and highly privileged Californian upbringing while dumping on him from a great height publicly? 

What is graceful or fair about maligning the life’s work of the late great Queen by making false accusations that the British Royal Family is racist and waiting until after her death before allowing your hapless husband to publicly correct the record?

What is graceful or fair about spreading constant hatred about the future king Prince William and his delightful wife Kate knowing full well their life of service means they are unable to publicly respond?

Absolutely nothing!

On stage in front of her woke brigade, Meghan urged us little people to take up a life of service and kindness, preaching: ‘It’s never too late to start.’

If only she’d start taking her own advice.

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