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Dash Cam Owners Australia: Truck’s brakes fail as it hurtles down Mt Victoria, Blue Mountains, NSW

Heart-stopping moment truck’s brakes fail as it hurtles down the side of a mountain – but miraculously manages to avoid a tragedy

  • A truck’s breaks failed at Mt Victoria, NSW
  • It came close to colliding with a caravan 

A truck driver faced a terrifying situation when his brakes failed while he hurtled down the side of a mountain.

The 40-tonne truck was travelling downhill on a road at Mt Victoria in the NSW Blue Mountains recently when driver was unable to come to a stop. 

Dashcam vision shows the loaded semi-trailer racing down the windy road with its horn blaring to warn other drivers.

Dashcam footage showed the terrifying moments a 40-tonne truck lost control on the side of Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains 

A car towing a caravan and another large truck can be seen on the road ahead, while other cars can be seen to the side.

At one point, the truck veers scarily close to the embankment as it tries to avoid a collision with the caravan.

The driver can be heard swearing in frustration.

The driver then manages to steer the truck off the road and starts climbing up a safety ramp cut into the side of the mountain, surrounded by bush.

But after losing momentum, the truck then starts to roll backwards towards the road.

The truck driver was able to steer the semi-trailer off the road and onto a safety ramp

The truck driver was able to steer the semi-trailer off the road and onto a safety ramp 

‘F*** they’re still not working,’ the driver can be heard saying. 

Thankfully, the truck then grinds to a halt on the bush track.

Fellow drivers praised the truck driver for his handling of the ordeal. 

‘Driver did an awesome job of pulling that off without any accident,’ one comment read.  

One said they could ‘only imagine how stressful this was for the driver’.

‘Wow, the poor guy,’ another comment read.

‘I always wondered if trucks actually used these ramps’.