Dave Portnoy says Barstool Sports won’t hire anyone from MIT, Penn, or Harvard until their Presidents apologize for refusing to say antisemitic remarks constitute hate speech

MIT, Harvard and Penn alums hoping to make a living off pizza reviews and hot sports takes shouldn’t bother applying to Barstool Sports.

Website founder Dave Portnoy has vowed to blackball applicants from those three prestigious schools until their respective presidents step down following their controversial congressional testimony on Tuesday, when they refused to ban anti-Jewish hate speech on campus.

‘Not that this will make a huge difference but moving forward I will not hire any student who graduates from any of these schools until these Deans step down,’ Portnoy wrote on Instagram, mistakenly referring to the university presidents as ‘Deans.’

Portnoy was responding to congressional testimony by Harvard’s Claudine Gay, Penn’s Liz Magill and MIT’s Sally Kornbluth, all of whom vowed to protect free speech when pressed by Republican committee members about rising antisemitism on campuses. Harvard and Penn in particular have faced backlash from prominent Jewish alumni and donors over what critics say have been slow or inadequate responses from the administrations denouncing behavior that these critics consider antisemitic.

Portnoy, a Jewish Massachusetts native who graduated from Michigan, blasted all three on Instagram, while calling for their removals.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy admitted that his ban may not ‘make a huge difference’ 

An 'irate' Portnoy took to Instagram to call out the three presidents of MIT, Harvard and Penn

An ‘irate’ Portnoy took to Instagram to call out the three presidents of MIT, Harvard and Penn 

‘This video has made me so irate I need to make sure as many people see it as possible,’ the 46-year-old wrote.

‘The Deans of 3 supposedly prestigious Universities in the United States somehow refusing to condemn students calling for the Genocide of Jews on campus. AKA – the murder of all Jews. Newsflash that is calling for the murder of myself, my parents and my entire family. And these ‘leaders’ refuse to condemn this as hate speech on their campuses?

‘This isn’t debating whether there should be a cease fire or discussing the future of Israel and Palestine in the Middle East. This is calling for the MURDER OF ALL JEWS everywhere and these absolute coward school administrators refuse to condemn it.

‘Even worse they somehow only say it violates school policy if these anti semitic (sic) students move from chanting kill all the jews (sic) to actually trying to murder all the jews (sic) on campus. Well good to know that actual murder is still against the school handbook at the Ivy Leagues.’

University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill reads her opening statement on Tuesday

University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill reads her opening statement on Tuesday

Harvard President Claudine Gay speaks during a hearing covering antisemitism on campuses

Harvard President Claudine Gay speaks during a hearing covering antisemitism on campuses

Portnoy went on to claim that Jewish students are the only minority group that is going unprotected at American colleges.

‘The bottomline (sic) is that there is literally no other minority, religious group or ethnic group where students could openly intimidate and chant that they want to murder an entire group of people and not get kicked out immediately or better yet thrown in jail,’ Portnoy wrote. ‘Like you can’t even whisper something bad about other groups without it becoming an international incident but with Jews apparently saying you want to kill them all is fair game.

‘At this rate we’re 1 step away from the Ivy Leagues offering courses on how 9/11 was actually the Jews (sic) fault.’

Barstool already employs two former Harvard athletes – a former hockey player named Sam Bozoian and Francis Ellis, an ex-lacrosse player – but Portnoy stipulated that both have been ‘grandfathered in’ at the website.

Portnoy went on to encourage other business to ‘follow this lead,’ and adding that he wouldn’t be making any exceptions for Jewish applicants if they happen to have graduated from Harvard, Penn or MIT.

‘This is unacceptable on every single level,’ Portnoy concluded. ‘ I don’t care if you’re Jewish or not either. If you know a jew (sic) or just have a degree of basic human decency calling for the murder of an entire group of people should outrage you.’

The university presidents are at the forefront of the latest battle over free speech on U.S. college campuses. Many have been roiled by clashing pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrations that have sometimes given way to antisemitic and Islamophobic rhetoric and assaults.

‘People deserve answers, not rhetoric,’ said Republican Representative Lisa McClain of Michigan. ‘It is clear that the Jewish students on all of your campuses are afraid to be themselves because you refuse to take real action … against antisemitism.’

Dr. Sally Kornbluth, President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, testifies on Tueday

At the University of Pennsylvania, a Palestinian Writers festival in September, which featured some outspoken pro-Palestinian speakers described as antisemitic by critics, prompted outrage at the time. That anger intensified after the Oct. 7 attack.

At Harvard, more than 30 student groups signed a letter blaming Israel for the violence that consumed the region following October 7, prompting some donors to pull their support from the school.

On Tuesday, House Republicans, including Representative Elise Stefanik of New York, pressed the presidents on those incidents.

Representative Kevin Kiley, a Republican from California, asked Gay – who waited days before speaking out to distance the school from the statement signed by dozens of Harvard student groups – whether she had any regrets about her response.

Gay said that if she knew the statement would be wrongly attributed to the university, not just to the student groups, she would have spoken out sooner.

Committee members pushed Magill on whether in retrospect Penn should have hosted the Palestinian Writers festival, with some accusing her of permitting antisemitism on campus even as she swore to defeat it.

‘You create a safe haven for this type of antisemitic behavior,’ Representative Jim Banks, a Republican, told Magill.

Magill said she personally opposed the antisemitic views of some speakers at the festival, but that she did not consider cancelling the event.

‘We have probably thousands of speakers to campus every single year. Many of them I disagree with. I don’t cancel or censor them in advance of their arrival to campus,’ Magill said.

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