Dave star GaTa arrested for domestic violence following dispute in Santa Clarita – but his lawyer says video shows rapper had done ‘nothing wrong’

Dave star GaTa was arrested for domestic violence over the weekend.

TMZ reports GaTa was arrested in Santa Clarita, California on Sunday after police responded to a domestic violence report. Law enforcement were informed two people had gotten involved in a physical altercation.

What exactly transpired during the alleged dispute remains unclear, however the altercation did lead to police arresting the rapper-actor. 

GaTa – whose real name is Davionte Ganter – was booked for felony domestic violence, and was eventually released on $100K bond. He is set to appear in court in the future, and an investigation has begun into what occurred.

His lawyer, Shawn Holley, told TMZ that video of the incident shows GaTa had done ‘nothing wrong’ and had attempted to defuse the situation. 

Rapper and actor GaTa was arrested for domestic violence over the weekend; pictured February 2020 in Los Angeles 

‘The entire incident between the parties is on video which I am in the process of providing to law enforcement. The video demonstrates clearly that Mr. Ganter did nothing wrong and, instead, tried to de-escalate the situation,’ Holley told the outlet.

DailyMail.com has reached out to Holley for comment about the arrest. 

A rapper and actor, GaTa has been playing a fictionalized version of himself on Dave since 2020.

The show is a comedy series about a fictionalized version of real-life rapper Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, whom GaTa has worked as a hype man for. 

Interestingly, GaTa had to audition to play himself, he told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year.  

‘What blew my mind was when I had the audition to be myself. Dicky had, like, 20 audition tapes of GaTas. I was even getting text messages from my homies in the industry, like, “Yo, I’m auditioning to be you,” and that s**t tripped me out.

‘It made me realize, “Hold on, Dicky’s like Phil Jackson or Steve Jobs, he just wants the best product.” And FX doesn’t want to make me rich for no reason, I really gotta be talented and funny and be able to move people.’

Speaking of the audition, he said: ‘It entailed saying words like “gander” and “wiggle” and being vivacious, lively in spirit and just cracking jokes. 

‘But one of the things that I love about the network and Dicky is that once I got the job, they’re like, “Forget what’s on paper, let’s just see what GaTa’s gonna say today because we know it’s going to be funny.”‘ 

A rapper and actor, GaTa has been playing a fictionalized version of himself on Dave since 2020; pictured February 2020

A rapper and actor, GaTa has been playing a fictionalized version of himself on Dave since 2020; pictured February 2020 

In terms of his music career, he has worked as a professional hype man for numerous musicians, including Lil Wayne, Tyga, and Gym Class Heroes, and of course Lil Dicky. 

GaTa said he was at a personal low when he was first introduced to Dave.

‘When I met Dave, I was at ground zero in my life. I wasn’t touring no more. I’ve been in the music industry a long time, and I wasn’t doing none of the things I was doing before. So [meeting him] was a breath of fresh air. I was excited. I went to this office in Santa Monica, and I had a fake assistant and a fake cameraman with me cuz where I come from you’re always trying to be a superstar. I’d been around Lil Wayne, Pete Wentz, Gym Class Heroes.

‘So I had my image already together when I went to meet him. And at first, he didn’t like me. He’s like, “Man, this guy’s over-the-top, walking in here, all jolly and shit. Like, who the f**k he think he is?” But once we got into music and started listening to his catalog, I realized, “This dude is super talented.” And he’s a hustler, too, and a dreamer, so we connected right away.’

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