David Justice takes issue with ‘Moneyball’ portrayal 13 years after movie’s release as ex-Oakland star disputes ‘pep talk’ scene

Former Oakland Athletics player David Justice doesn’t exactly agree with how he was portrayed in the Academy Award nominated movie ‘Moneyball’.

The movie, which was based on the book of the same name written by Michael Lewis, depicts Justice as something of a selfish player.

He recently appeared on Keyshawn Johnson’s ‘All Facts No Brakes’ podcast and challenged how screenwriters and actor Stephen Bishop played him.

‘There’s a scene in “Moneyball” where my character makes a comment about it costing money to get a drink [and it cut to the actor playing Justice asking why soda costs $1 in the clubhouse] or there was a scene where the general manager played by Brad Pitt comes into the batting cage and he’s talking to me about needing me to come onboard to be a leader,’ Justice said.

‘It portrays me like I’m talking to the general manager saying like, ‘Listen, y’all paying me my salary, like don’t even come in here and talk to me [a clip played of Justice’s character asking what was in it for him to be a leader].’

David Justice doesn’t entirely agree with his portrayal in the Oscar nominated film ‘Moneyball’

Justice (R) says he didn't need a pep talk like in a scene acted by Stephen Bishop (L)

Justice (R) says he didn’t need a pep talk like in a scene acted by Stephen Bishop (L)

‘First of all, my mama would’ve killed me if she saw me even remotely disrespecting a coach or a manager or someone like that.’

In that same episode, Justice said he knew what was expected of him by A’s general manager Billy Beane – and that he understood he was supposed to be a leader on the 2002 Athletics.

‘This was my last year in the big leagues,’ he said.

‘First day of spring training I already knew what it was going to be about. Billy Beane … never had to have a conversation with me.’

That season, Justice batted .266/.376/.410 in 118 games – hitting 11 home runs and 49 RBIs. 

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