DeFi Development Services

When it comes to the finance ecosystem, we won’t expect the stagnant thing from year to year. The decentralized finance DeFi development, for instance, has been more prevalent than ever now.

The DeFi development company like INC4 has helped many startups and enterprises to upgrade their financial system with decentralized finance platforms to improve the deliverance of the service and give opportunities for clients across the globe to benefit from their solutions.

The unbanked population of the world loves the idea of decentralized finance development because it answers all of the concerns of those who are not up to the centralized system.

Backed by the blockchain, the DeFi staking development has been providing irreplaceable comfort for the clients to enjoy various DeFi solutions such as loans, tokenization, trading, NFTs, and many more.

The success of the DeFi smart contract development is there due to its security, transparency, and lower fees compared to the conventional finance systems.

As your company or project is moving towards it, you can’t go wrong by reaching out to INC4 to get help from them. INC4 provides these defi development services:

Lending Platforms

When it comes to DeFi lending platform, it focuses on the procurement of cryptocurrencies loans that are conducted without the intervention of a third party. Perhaps you and the fellow readers of this post have known how bad the pitfalls of the centralized lending platform are. One of the biggest problems with the conventional system is the hefty fee that you need to pay for the loans.

But you won’t see this problem in the decentralized finance development company. In the defi lending platform, there are no intermediaries which eliminate the unnecessary administration. As a result, the fees can get much lower than the conventional transactions. In this network, the lenders can earn the interests. The decentralized apps of Defi have the highest growth rate. The lending activity has its strong role in reserving the cryptocurrencies assets.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

DEX is one of the most popular DeFi development services offered by trustworthy software engineering companies.

As we know, decentralization is always the whole point of blockchain technology and is imperative to keep it up to the end.

But since the rise of Bitcoin, many of the cryptocurrency exchanges do not hold the “decentralization” principle strongly. Many of these platforms tend to be centralized.

Here comes the DEX – decentralized exchanges that can keep up the principle in every aspect. It also reminds the community of enthusiasts about the importance that was long forgotten.

In this kind of platform, the investors will once again be the sole owner and operator of their crypto assets, without the intervention of third parties.

The main feature of the DEX platform is the AMM – Automated Market Maker. That comes with the smart contract which will process the orders according to the traders’ liquidity. In this case, one trader will interact directly with the other trader based on the particular smart contract.

DeFi Wallets

Are you planning to develop your own DeFi Wallets? The top-rated software company INC4 can help you with that.

The Defi developers can help you to create great DeFi wallets which allow the users to save their funds without the intermediary’s service.

These wallets will give full rights to the owners of the funds to manage theirs as they desire. There is no third party who is in charge of the particular funds. Instead, the asset owners are the ones who administer and manage it. It is also the solid proof of how decentralized finance can lead to the unbanked community. If you add this to your business, you will set it apart from your competitors. This solution comes with security, transparency, and anonymity. These wallets can hold a wide array of virtual assets. It is a perfect solution for many stable coins and tokens investors.

 Smart Contracts for DeFi

The smart contract is the one that backs up the Decentralized applications function in order to execute the transfers of the services, funds, data, and many other products.

As we know, the intermediaries will rule the transaction in the centralized bank and unions. But here, there is no third party person who has the risks of errors. Instead, the smart contract will facilitate the financial activities between the DeFi parties.

This tool is the one that can make the transaction trustworthy, legit, and formal. The smart contracts will ensure that all parties will meet the requirements. If one of the parties does not do the fulfillment, then the next conclusion will not happen.

It is the code of law that will enforce all of the parties to live up to their words. It dictates how the application will behave.

If you want to put the smart contract in your business setting, don’t hesitate to reach our INC4 now for your inquiries.

Staking Platforms

Crypto and blockchain lovers have been familiar with the idea of staking coins for securing a particular network. The staking platform allows the investors to stake the stackable digital assets through the trustworthy third-party service to handle the technical aspect. As we know, not all crypto investors are tech-savvy.

You can be the one who provides the Staking-as-a-service platforms and here is where the INC4 decentralized finance development company enters to help you. Work together with professionals to provide the best Staking Platforms for your clients.

Custom dApps

The custom d’app has such an autonomous ruling system. The modifications and changes of the apps are depending on the user’s consensus.

And more importantly, the decentralized apps are really compliant with the principle of decentralization. It is stored on a public ledger to guarantee that there is no third party who is able to control it.

Your Dapps won’t rely on the kind of centralized back-end such as Azure or AWS in the process. Instead, the blockchain will support it.

With the d’apps, your business can provide more value to your customers, build a stronger brand, and improve the customers’ relationship in more effective ways.