Deion Sanders thinks Mount Rushmore is in Los Angeles before the confused Colorado head coach has to be corrected by reporters

  • Deion Sanders confidently mixed up Mount Rushmore and the Hollywood sign 
  • Sanders laughed at himself for not knowing the location of the monument 
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Deion Sanders, Colorado’s infamous head football coach, thought Mount Rushmore was in California during a Tuesday press conference. 

It’s actually in Keystone, South Dakota, as Sanders seemingly mixed up the American monument of four presidents with the Hollywood sign, which is in Los Angeles. 

‘What’s those little four heads that’s in California, what do they call those, the people’s faces engraved?’ Sanders quipped, before being corrected that Mount Rushmore isn’t on the West Coast. 

“It’s in where? I thought it was in LA all this time,’ Sanders continued. ‘Wow, my geography … thank you for educating me.’

Sanders originally tried to use the reference to describe how large his expectations are for his players, making a gesture of how high they are. 

Deion Sanders’ first season at Colorado hasn’t gone to plan as the regular season winds down

Sanders was able to make fun of himself for mixing up what's basic American geography trivia

Sanders was able to make fun of himself for mixing up what’s basic American geography trivia

The Buffaloes season hasn’t gone to plan, as they won their first three games and have won once in their last eight attempts. 

Colorado finishes its season on Saturday with a game at Utah. 

The game will be Colorado’s last contest as members of the Pac-12 as it’s jumping back to the Big 12 for 2024. 

Still in his first season in Boulder, Sanders will be given more chances to rejuvenate the Buffaloes’ program.  

Sanders may be an expert on football, but American geography has proven not to be his strong suit.