‘Delete this immediately’: Australians warned of email scam targeting ANZ customers

‘Delete this immediately’: Australians are warned of a sophisticated email scam targeting ANZ bank customers

  • An email scam is circulating that threatens millions of ANZ customers
  •  The immediate deletion of this email has been advised by the ANZ Bank
  • The ANZ Bank boasts five million customers and over AU$247 billion in assets 

The ANZ Bank has warned its customers to beware an email scan that is currently circulating. 

Although it bears resemblance to an official ANZ email, and even includes the correct contact numbers of the bank, the email informing customers of a ‘temporary lock’ on internet banking is a fraudulent one.       

ANZ customers have been targeted by a sophisticated phishing scam

The headline of the email reads: ‘Your ANZ Internet Banking Access has been temporarily locked’. 

It also claims a $300 transaction has been made to Energy PRO Australia LTD, which is in fact an energy company based out of Newstead, Queensland. 

The scam directs its readers to a bogus site with the purpose of obtaining private and confidential information, which in cyber speak is known as phishing.

Phishing for bank customers' private information is a popular technique for scammers

Phishing for bank customers’ private information is a popular technique for scammers

Those who receive this email has been urged by the ANZ Bank to ignore the links and forward the email to hoax@cybersecurity.anz.com. Customers have also been told to delete the email

With over five million customers and assets of more than AU$247 billion, ANZ is the second largest bank in Australia.   

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