Dementia patient, 84, was ‘raped repeatedly at St Louis nursing home’

The daughter of an 84-year-old woman with dementia alleges in a lawsuit that her mother was repeatedly raped at a suburban St Louis nursing home.

Vivian Colette Green claims she was bathing her mother last month when she found injuries indicating that she’d been raped, according to the lawsuit obtained by the St Louis Post-Dispatch.  

Green immediately reported the injuries to the staff at Christian Care Home, but when they didn’t appear to be doing anything in response, she filed a police report.  

Medical staff who performed a rape kit informed the family it appeared the 84-year-old had been raped repeatedly for weeks. 

Investigators are still awaiting full results from the rape kit but say they have identified a possible suspect who also lives at the home in Ferguson. 

Christian Care Home, a nursing home outside St Louis, is being sued by the family of an 84-year-old woman with dementia who claims she was repeatedly raped while living at the facility

According to Green’s family, the victim was moved into the facility in 2011 because she has dementia, and today she does not have the ability to walk or speak.  

The woman’s son, Kyle Green, spoke about the alleged abuse earlier this month.

‘She could not talk, she could not walk, she could not holler or scream at whoever did this,’ he told the Post-Dispatch.  

The woman has now been moved to a different nursing home, according to her son, who said: ‘No one should have to suffer like this.’  

The $25,000 lawsuit filed Thursday in St Louis County Circuit Court accuses Christian Care Home of being negligent by failing to properly supervise the residents.

‘Green and her family have been grappling with the shock over her mother’s brutal assault,’ the suit states. 

‘Struggling to understand how the Christian-focused facility they trusted with the care of their mother could have allowed her to be brutalized over and over and over again.’   

The same care facility was reportedly flagged previously for failure to investigate abuse of residents and failure to avoid hiring staff with a history of abuse.  

The home was fined $78,000 by Medicare after state investigators found a nurse had slapped a resident who had dementia, according to the Post-Dispatch.