‘Depressed’ camel refuses to eat or drink after handler dies

‘Depressed’ camel refuses to eat or drink after police officer who used to ride it on patrol in India dies of a heart attack

  • Assistant sub-inspector Shivraj Gadhvi fell ill moments after feeding his camel 
  • The 56-year-old was rushed to a hospital about 50 miles away but died halfway
  • ‘We’re trying to help the camel recover,’ said a police officer from his station

A police camel in India has started to refuse food and water after its handler died of a heart-attack moments after feeding the animal. 

Assistant sub-inspector Shivraj Gadhvi – who had been with the force ‘a long time’ -died whilst patrolling in Pingleshwar in the border district of Kutch in the northwest of country, not far from the border with Pakistan. 

As well as the officer’s village, where he was hugely popular, being saddened by the news – the camel began to refuse food and drink when Gadhvi didn’t turn up to his station in Jhakau as normal. 

Assistant sub-inspector Shivraj Gadhvi with the beloved camel he used to patrol his patch 

Police sources in India say the 56-year-old was assigned patrolling duty and moments after feeding his beloved compatriot he had the devastating heart-attack.   

‘He went to the area at about 9.30am with his camel and first fed him. Seconds later, Gadhvi collapsed,’ said the source.   

He was taken to Kothara but as his condition worsened, doctors advised his colleagues to take him to Bhuj. 

Jakhau Marine Police station where the well-liked Shivraj Gadhvi worked 'for a long time'

Jakhau Marine Police station where the well-liked Shivraj Gadhvi worked ‘for a long time’

‘But the intensity of pain increased, and the ambulance taking him to Bhuj had to stop at a private hospital midway. He breathed his last [breath] there,’ added the source. 

There is around 50 miles between Kothara and Bhuj. The officer was cremated in his village with full police honours. 

Inspector V K Khant of the Jhakau marine police said: ‘We are trying to help the camel recover.’ 

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