Designing Your New Office: Here Are What Expert Designers Are Saying

Designing your new office can be an overwhelming experience. You have to take several things into consideration to ensure that you do not have to face troubles later on. Maximum utilization of spaces, ensuring adequate seating, room for infrastructure, etc. are some areas, which require a lot of attention.

Add to this the all-important factor of price, and the experience of designing a new office can get more difficult than you had ever imagined. In this article, we speak to some leading names in the interior design business and ask them about some critical areas about office design.

In addition, we discuss some of the challenges and how a good office can help improve productivity, efficiency, and overall growth of the organization.

What are the Top Issues to Consider before starting the Office Designing Process?

  1. The Office Layout-

What kind of office do you want depends upon the nature of the company. An architectural company would have a different space and layout requirement as compared to an advertising company. Seating areas, open spaces, the presence of a cafeteria, etc. are some things, which should inform the office interior design process.

  1. Plan for the Future-

You also need to decide how long you would want to use the office. This will help you understand issues like workforce strength and where do you see the company some years from now. You do not want to outgrow the office within a few years. It might be good for the company but would drain your investments in the office.

  1. The Office Address and Location-

Where the office is located says a lot about how you are doing as a company. Premium office spaces are like announcements to your consumers and vendors that you have arrived at. However, this might force you to shell out extra money. Depending on where you see your company, you can make an assessment. Choosing the address can be a big contributor to your success.

How does a Well-Designed Office can help a Company?

Leading interior designers have stated that office design plays a critical role in improving work productivity. An office at the end of the day is more than just automation, software, and the use of technology. It involves real human beings, their feelings, emotions, and experiences.

An office, which has been designed keeping in mind open spaces, natural sunlight, some greenery, etc. can be the boost employees need to thrive. In addition to productivity, employers looking to build a great and progressive working culture should also invest in well-designed offices.

Many people want to work at Google or Facebook or even Apple simply because they have some of the best campuses and workplaces in the world. This is not to say that they are not great companies, but the intention is to convey that a place where someone works is very important to them.

What are some Challenges to Designing a Productive Office?

In this section, we are going to look at some challenges, which companies and business owners are likely to face when designing a new office.

  • One of the biggest challenges of designing an office is finding a space, which fits your requirement. Address, square footage, sun-facing, ventilation, regulations, etc. are some major and common concerns.
  • Not paying adequate attention to storage within the office is also an area that deserves attention. In the absence of storage areas, you are very likely to see a lot of stuff lying in different places within the office.
  • Getting mixed up with the wrong contractor or designer who keeps extending timelines and prices is also a common issue, which you might face. This is why it is essential to fix timelines and deadlines, along with the costing and payment terms when you start.

The Final Word

According to data, the average human being who works until the age of 60 and joins work at 21, spends the equivalent of 15 whole years in an office space. This goes to show the importance of office design not only for the employees but also for yourself as a business owner. By following the points in the article, you can ensure that you end up designing a highly productive, efficient, and positive working environment.