Difference between Regular Pop-Up Marquees and Pop Up Gazebo

The terms ‘Marquees’ and ‘Gazebos’ have been used quite interchangeably till now, and you can understand why to an extent because technically they are the same product. However, they have some distinctions amongst each other and today we’ll discuss them. First, we’ll discuss what pop up gazebos are:

Pop up Gazebos: A pop up gazebo is a mini pop up marquee that can be instantly set up and taken down to a compact, portable size. Depending upon its usage, pop up gazebos are available in various shapes, sizes and colours.

These versatile canopies are well adept to any kind of weather and are transport friendly. Some pop up gazebos are small enough to fit inside the boot space of your car.

Gazebos are majorly employed to enhance the aesthetics of gardens and buildings or at commercial trade shows, market stalls and catering events, when used for branding.

Things you need to consider before buying a Pop up Gazebo:

  1. Purpose: It is very important to know what you want to employ a pop up gazebo for. These are commonly employed for Local affairs, market stalls, exhibition stands, summer BBQs, garden parties etc. however wedding gazebo tents are not unheard of especially when people are looking for a minimalistic, intimate wedding.
  2. Size: Apart from the event at which the pop up gazebo is going to be used at, there are several other factors that you need to consider like the location, kind of venue, space at the venue, number of guests, kind of event, logistics of deliverables and also the height and width of the roof.
  3. Frequency of usage: Frequency of the usage of your pop up gazebo will determine whether you go for a quick setup and pack up gazebo or focus more on customized looks and branding ones.
  4. Budget: At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much you can spend on the gazebo.

After knowing the nitty-gritty of what a gazebo is, let’s discuss what makes them different from pop up marquees.

  1. Proportions: The very first distinctions between pop up gazebos and pop up marquees is their proportion. Pop up gazebos are used for smaller, intimate events or for decorating homes, gardens, parks etc. whereas pop up Marquees are best suited for big ceremonies, celebrations and events. Pop up marquees can manage a larger number of people than pop up gazebos.
  2. Status symbol: Pop up marquees exude luxuriousness. They are status symbols. Marquees are big enough to fit food stalls, drinking bars, pubs and even swimming pools helping to keep food, drinks, and other eatables for the clutches of foreign elements like rain, sun, pests etc. Gazebos, on the other hand, are incapable of such richness. They are perfect for small dates, lunches and coffees.
  3. Spaciousness: After reading the above two points, I’m certain you know which type of canopy takes the gold in terms of spaciousness. Marquees reflect the grandeur and encompass a large space in them. Gazebos, on the other hand, are no match for pop up marquees for that matter. Star shade marquees and arch marquees, however, are exceptions to this as they are generally gazebo size. A star shade marquee is generally used for promotional and branding purposes.
  4. Large scale events: Pop up marquees are ideal for larger events that gazebos are not capable of hosting. Your guests will have greater freedom in a pop up marquee than a gazebo, and hence they are your best bet for hosting events of this magnitude.
  5. Walls: Pop up marquees generally come with walls in contrast to gazebos which are open structures and their walls have to be bought separately. However, there are gazebos in the market that come with walls to provide their customers with some privacy. Star shade marquees are again an exception to this conundrum as they don’t have any walls.
  6. Interior decorations: The scope of decoration is quite scarce in a gazebo owing to their smaller size, whereas marquees need extensive decoration for them to be appealing for their guests and audiences because of their larger size.
  7. Cost: The prices of marquees and gazebos are a stark contrast. The smaller sized gazebos are used for improving the aesthetics of outdoor spaces or for intimate events whereas pop up marquees are used for bigger ceremonies, and hence the marquees are more expensive than the gazebos. Also, you need to factor in the cost of additional decorations that come with the marquee. Gazebos are smaller canopies and can be decorated with minimalistic decorative items whereas marquees at times need full-fledged accessories for decorations.

We think that is a comprehensive distinction between a marquee and a gazebo, however, if you still have any doubts, you can visit extreme-marquees.com.au or call 1300 850 832 for more info.