Discover 4 great mechanical keyboard options

In addition to being a favorite with gamers, mechanical keyboards are widely used by writers and those who work with typing because they offer some advantages over traditional keyboards. The big difference between the two types of keyboards is the activation of the keys. While the cheaper membrane keyboards have a kind of layered mat under the keys, the mechanical model has an individual key for each key.

Advantages of the mechanical keyboard

The great advantage of the mechanical keyboard is its durability. A model with good brand switches, keys that have not worn out, high-quality solders, and a protected printed circuit board (PCB) can have a useful life of around 20 years.

The second advantage is convenience, as when adjusting the switches, you can choose between spring pressure and texture finish, depending on the user’s tactile sensitivity.

Lastly, we have N-Key Rollover technology, useful for those who write and indispensable for those who play. Regulates the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously without logging errors. It is anti-ghosting that ensures the perfect recognition of the commands.

4 keyboard options with great profitability and brands that are the reference in this regard. Check out.

Esports gaming keyboard-MOTOSPEED CK80 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The distinct difference between the Chinese Motospeed mechanical keyboard CK80 and a North American K70 are the keys and how they are spaced. If you’re a person who feels like their hands have to be widely spread to type or game then you will probably prefer the CK80 because it has the most compact spacing I’ve seen on a keyboard to date. It definitely took some time to adjust to as I’m used to wider layouts, but my fingers never felt uncomfortable or starved for space. While the keys feel like Cherry MX blues and they sound like Cherry MX blues, they are in fact Gateron blue switches, an off-brand version of what most enthusiasts expect out of their mechanical keyboards. Despite the different branding, these switches still perform exactly like their Cherry MX counterparts and I couldn’t feel any distinct quality difference between them. Another point scored for a keyboard I was sure would not impress me in the slightest.

This keyboard has a rainbow LED-backlit mechanical USB that was said to guarantee high-quality and reliable performance. The Motospeed CK80 is truly for people who love to party. Whether it’s different styled waves or shifting colours, the Motospeed CK80 does them all, it’s just limited in the colours it can display. Most of the best effects use the same dull gold colour, but it’s still nice that you can change the effects on the fly with a simple keypress.

Mechanical keyboard Spk8403, Philips

The Philips Spk8403 Fully Mechanical Keyboard is compact and very affordable. The Cherry MX Blue switch indicates a stable and acoustically activated button. Developed for those who write a lot, it has anti-ghosting that guarantees the interpretation of multiple commands. RGB lighting makes it easy to identify letters.

Pro K7 Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard, Fortrek

The Gamer Pro K7 Rainbow from Fortrek is a good and cheap mechanical abnt2 keyboard. You can save up to three configuration profiles and switch between them with one click. The aluminum panel is splash-proof and the look offers 22 light effects to create different scenarios in the play area.

Mechanical keyboard Spk8614, Philips

The SPK8614 is a mechanical keyboard made by Philips that has an American standard and is suitable for gamers looking for high speed for a better gaming experience. For added comfort, it comes with a magnetic wrist pad and a multimedia control with LED, intensity, and volume settings.