Discover the best attractions on a trip to Egypt

The mysteries of the oldest civilizations of mankind still arouse the fascination of travelers, so Egypt is one of the most visited countries for those who seek to know the history of mankind, the evolution of civilizations, etc. In the popular imagination, the country is synonymous with pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and a lot of desert.

However, the beauties of Egypt go much further than that, so we have prepared this article with the best attractions in the country to make your trip to Egypt even more unforgettable because there is so much to see and discover beyond what they told you or what you just imagine. From the banks of the rich and famous Nile River to the immensity of the deserts in the Red Sea, the country has spectacular scenarios that deserve the attention of its visitors.

We will then highlight below the unmissable attractions for you to write down in your notebook!

Abu Simbel

This is the temple built by Ramses II – the most powerful pharaoh at the time in Ancient Egypt. Unlike the other temples present in the country, which were built in honor of a god, he was built only to show strength and power to the enemies of Ramses II. And to this day, the temple continues to impress everyone with its indescribable beauty and the imposing statues of Ramses, four in all.

To reach this temple, one of the most incredible in Egypt, it is necessary to leave Aswan by land or plane. The choice depends on the tourist and in both it is possible to find beauties during the journey.

Fellucca Tour on the Nile River

The Nile River is one of the great postcards of the country and, as such, needs to be enjoyed with all respect and admiration. There are, therefore, several trips such as book a Nile cruise Luxor Aswan or just a walk on the fellucca – a sailboat proper to the Egyptians. Our tip, if you want to really know the history and immerse yourself in the local culture is, of course, fellucca. This was because it was the main means of transport of the ancient Egyptians since the wind is quite strong and several efforts on the sail were necessary to reach the destination. Nowadays this is a calm and quite beautiful walk as it is possible to admire all the beauty while the boat follows the current of the waters.

Alexandrina Library

This is one of the gems of architecture that beautify the landscape of Alexandria today. It was built in partnership with the local government and UNESCO, in 2002, with the main intention of being a knowledge center in the world.

The project was designed by Norwegian architects who successfully mastered the library with a museum, planetarium, laboratories, classrooms and more than 200 research rooms. The highlight is the works of the digital collection with rare pieces, manuscripts and publications not published anywhere else.

The Great Sand Sea

This is, without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary places in the country. It is where you stop and think about how perfect and grandiose the works of Mother Nature are.

If you are shocked at such perfection when viewing photos on the internet of sand dunes and deserts in Egypt then prepare to be breathless when you can see all of this in person. Fine sand dunes hide thermal lakes decorated with millimeter-sized palm trees placed on the ground, a true work of art that leaves anyone with their mouths open.

Mummies, Museums and Temples

Of course, your tours should include visiting temples and museums to appreciate the mummies and also the strongest characteristic of the Egyptians, religion. Going to Egypt and not seeing mummies, museums and temples is like going to Disney and not seeing Mickey, just impossible.

There are establishments like these scattered throughout the country, but we emphasize that the best-preserved mummies are currently in the Cairo Museum. There you will have the opportunity to get very close to the remains of pharaohs known in human history as Ramses II, Hatsepshut and many others.

It is worth remembering that these were just some tips of attractions in Egypt. The country is quite large and has endless other attractions to visit. Our tip is that you plan your trip well, research in advance about the itineraries you want and have fun in this unforgettable experience.