‘Disgusting’ act on a Fiji Airways flight divides travellers: ‘I couldn’t care less’

  • ‘Disgusting’ act on flight divided travellers
  • Some defended the passenger 

A plane passenger has divided opinion over a ‘disgusting’ act onboard an international flight.

The traveller was seated in business class on a Fiji Airways flight from Sydney to Nadi, in Fiji.

A disgruntled passenger took a photo and shared the image to Facebook to vent their frustration over the weekend.

The photo showed the traveller relaxed in their seat while a movie was playing on their monitor.

A plane passenger has divided opinion over a ‘disgusting’ act onboard an international flight

Their legs were stretched out and raised in the air with their feet resting on the headboard of the passenger in front of them.

Social media users were divided over the act with some condemning the passenger. 

‘Disgusting attitude, shoes on the furniture,’ one wrote.

‘Cabin crew really need to be telling those slobs to knock it off,’ a second added.

Some jumped to the defence of the woman suggesting she could have been suffering from a medical condition.

‘Some people suffer swollen legs, maybe she is trying to avoid risks,’ one wrote.

Another said they didn’t see the problem and that the passenger was entitled to sit however they wanted.

‘As long as they ain’t in my face, I couldn’t care,’ they wrote.

One even took aim at the passenger who took the photograph.

‘Judging other people who aren’t bothering you is not classy either,’ they argued.

‘She looks comfortable. She isn’t bothering anyone. So who cares? The only one not classy here is you invading her privacy.’ 

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