Do brain stimulants really boost the brain and give energy?

We’ve been trying to compensate for our shortcomings where nature has failed to endow us with equal & efficient abilities. We can’t fly – so we invented the airplane. We can’t breathe underwater – so we developed submarines and diving equipment. And we can’t see in the dark – so we created night vision devices. Then there were challenges with the analysis and systematization of vast volumes of data – so we got computers to help. We’ve always looked for ways to make ourselves more efficient, smarter, faster, and stronger.

We resort to various stimulants in various aspects of our lives. Millions of us rely on caffeine in the morning to kick-start the morning and keep us awake throughout the day. Sport has become a minefield of legal & illegal drugs, with systems designed to increase athletes’ performance, endurance, and strength. In addition to the known commercialized medicines, a new generation of drugs has surfaced – brain activity stimulants explicitly used to increase a person’s mental abilities.

Most of these drugs were originally developed to treat various diseases. They’ve only recently been as a “mental-leap” by a significant segment of the population.

The value of brain stimulants

In addition to being quite interesting, several brain stimulant drugs have also posed some interesting ethical dilemmas, dividing scientists into two camps of thought. The first group consists of ardent supporters advocating its use, while the latter opposes its interference with a healthy human brain. The opposing group believes that these drugs are meant to treat abnormalities, and is thus immoral to use on healthy people who hope to enhance particular abilities.

The problem is that when comparing the brain activity of students who do not take brain stimulants with those who do, it becomes evident that subjects who compete with the pills often perform better. A comparison to this was seen in the 1970s and 1980s before compulsory drug testing was introduced in athletics. In those days, the use of steroids was necessary to compete in a competition.

An argument can be made to how the widespread use of brain stimulants can lead to its dependence, with users believing that they will not be able to compete in mentally stressed situations in its absence adequately. Although a valid concern, these are relatively new theories, as there is no practical evidence on what chronic use can do to the brain.

However, these drugs can be essential in moments of high mental stress. Surgeons, for example, have to concentrate for very long periods often before performing complex surgeries. Many of them rely on caffeine, but large amounts of caffeine cause side effects such as dangerous tremors while performing surgeries. More examples of professions that benefit using brain stimulants are pilots, wrestlers, or any other situation where an instant loss of concentration can be catastrophic.

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