Do YOU know what the next number should be? Tricky maths sequence will put your IQ to the test

Do you have the maths knowledge to solve this sequence that has people scratching their heads?

You may have done a fair few maths puzzles at school, but it is not something we generally do in our daily routine.

This means it becomes somewhat easy for us to lose the ability to point out number patterns.

Many have been baffled by the following brain teaser, wondering what number correctly follows the third sequence.

Have a peek at the following puzzle and see if you can work it out for yourself?

The brain teaser from Bright Side has left people baffled at what the answer underneath the yellow question mark could be

It is important to exercise the mind with a daily puzzle to keep our cognitive functions and skills high, so this brain teaser may be more useful than you think.

The first line in the picture writes 7 = 42, with the following two lines reading 6 = 30 and 5 = 20 respectively.

But, the final addition of the sequence is left undone, with a ‘3 =’ followed by a yellow question mark.

Although, the puzzle seems to be fairly tricky at first, once you make a correlation between the numbers on the page, you will quickly find the solution to the fourth line.

At first glance, you may presume the numbers on the right hand side are simply rising by ten every time.

However, this could not be true as although there is only a ten-point different between 30 and 20, 42 does not fit the pattern.

Equally the number four, that is not included in the brain teaser would then have to equal ten, which is not possible when multiplied with a whole number.  

Have you managed to crack the code yet? High IQ holders solve the number sequence in only 11 seconds, according to The Mirror.

If you found the answer within that time frame, then you may actually be a intellectually gifted.

But if you didn’t – not to fret, we can give you a helping hand in solving this perplexing brain teaser. 

It all boils down to knowing your times tables when trying to connect the dots of this enigmatic puzzle.

Take a second to give it another go before scrolling ahead, as the answer will soon be coming up. 

True genius can solve the tricky puzzle within 11 seconds, but there is no need to fret if you did not get it on your first go

True genius can solve the tricky puzzle within 11 seconds, but there is no need to fret if you did not get it on your first go

Finally, the long awaited conclusion, what is under that question mark? The answer – the number six.

If you know your times tables well, then this one may have been considerably easy to spot.

Each number is multiplied by the figure preceding it, meaning if 7 = 42, then 7 is multiplied by 6 to get 42.

In a similar fashion, the following number 6 = 30, is also times by the number prior to it, 5, to give a sum of 30, and 5 = 20 is a result of a multiplication of 5 x4.

Therefore, if 4 were to be included in the sequence it would be times by 3 to create 12, giving us the answer to the brain teaser, 3 x 2 = 6.

Did you solve the tricky maths sequence? Let us know in the comments below.