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Do YOU know what’s vegan? Test your knowledge on which foods are completely meat and dairy-free

From avocados to Coca Cola, food quiz tests your knowledge of what’s vegan and what’s not (and the results will surprise you!)

  • True or false challenge asks players to identify which foods are defined as vegan 
  • The 21 question quiz includes the likes of Oreos, avocados and honey
  • The test might sound straightforward but the results are sure to surprise you

With vegan diets on the rise, you might think you’ve gotten your head around which foods are animal-free. 

But this 21-question quiz will test the knowledge of even the most confident foodies.

The test, created by UK vitamin company WeAreFeel, covers favourite branded products like Coca Cola and Walkers crisps, as well as the likes of figs and avocados.  

While it might seem straightforward, the answers are sure to surprise you.

 So, how many will you answer correctly? Scroll down to take the test and then check your answers at the bottom. 
























 1. Honey – No

2. Sriracha – Yes

3. Walkers BBQ Pulled Pork crisps – No

4. Quorn nuggets – No

5. Crumpets – Yes

6. Bagels – Yes

7. Figs – No technically not, figs are pollinated with dead wasps, and eggs are laid in the figs to complete the process.

8. Cheese – No 

9. Fox’s party rings – Yes

10. Yoghurt – No

11. Avocado – No. Bees are farmed and transported for pollination 

12. Bird’s custard powder – Yes

13. Oreos – Yes

14. Marshmallows – No

15. Eggs – No

16. French fries – Yes

17. Caesar dressing – No. Contains anchovy

18. Rowntrees Jelly Tots -Yes

19. Coca-Cola – Yes

20. Hartley’s ready to eat blackcurrant jellies – Yes

21. Co-op Custard doughnuts – Yes     


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