Do you know where the clitoris is? Try this interactive quiz

Take the fascinating female anatomy quiz that tests whether YOU know where the clitoris is…

  • Can you label where the clitoris, cervix and labia minora are?
  • Survey shows almost half of women could not label the vagina or labia
  • Take this quiz to find out if you could pass the first lesson of sex-ed

It has been a running joke for decades that men haven’t got a clue where the clitoris is. 

But millions of women don’t either, surveys suggest.  

MailOnline has now created the ultimate test of all your female anatomy knowledge.

Scroll down to see the answers, if you don’t know already know your uterus from your vagina…

Can you label this female anatomy? Find the answers below

How many people can label the female anatomy correctly?

A YouGov survey in 2019 showed a lack of knowledge of the female genitalia. 

What did the public label correctly? 

Urethra 45 per cent of women and 39 per cent of men.

Vagina 55 per cent of women and 41 per cent of men.

Labia 57 per cent of women and 48 per cent of men.

Clitoris 71 per cent of women and 69 per cent of men.

Source: YouGov 

The quiz, backed by experts who claim raising awareness is crucial when it comes to safe sex and relationships, asks you to locate places such as the urethra, cervix and vagina.

MailOnline’s diagram also tests if you know the difference between the labia majora and the labia minora. 

It comes after a YouGov survey showed that almost half of Brits do not know where the vagina is — and it’s not just men who don’t know.

The 2019 poll revealed almost half of women could not label the vagina. And around half of both genders didn’t know where the labia was. 

Understanding the female body will help men and women when it comes to sex and relationships, getting pregnant and avoiding pregnancy, according to the family planning association (FPA).

‘Getting to know your body and understanding how it works helps you know what’s normal for you and can help with things like planning or avoiding pregnancy,’ says Bekki Burbidge, deputy chief executive at the sexual health charity.

‘When it comes to sex and relationships, learning about and exploring your body can help you find out what gives you pleasure and feel more confident about communicating this to a partner.’ 

But it is not just the female anatomy people can’t label, a recent survey of 2,000 adults revealed the shocking lack of knowledge about basic anatomy. 

In fact, over a third weren’t completely confident they knew where their brain was. 

And here are the answers: 

  1. Fallopian Tube
  2. Uterus
  3. Ovaries 
  4. Cervix
  5. Vagina
  6. Clitoris
  7. Labia Minora 
  8. Urethra 
  9. Vagina
  10. Labia Majora 
  11. Anus