Dodgers fans battle security, police, and each other in a series of brawls as their team falls down 2-0 in the NLDS series against the Diamondbacks

  • A series of fights occurred throughout Tuesday’s Game 2 at Dodger Stadium
  • The favored Dodgers trail the D-Backs, 2-0, as the series heads back to Phoenix 
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Showing considerably more fight than the Los Angeles Dodgers, fans at Monday’s playoff game exacerbated an already demoralizing loss to the visiting Arizona Diamondbacks by brawling throughout the stadium.

Two men sporting long hair and LA jerseys threw down in the restroom, another group was seen fighting police and security on the Dodger Stadium concourse, and two more individuals got into it in the parking lot following the D-Backs’ 4-2 win.

The LAPD had no record of any arrests as of Tuesday afternoon, instead referring Mail Sport to Dodgers spokespeople, who said they ‘do not comment on security matters.’

Regardless of whether or not any arrests were made, Dodger Stadium lived up to its reputation as a dangerous venue on Tuesday. Previously, in 2003, a San Francisco Giants fan was killed during a post-game dispute with Dodger supporters, while another was left disabled following a 2011 attack outside the stadium.

Tuesday’s skirmishes weren’t nearly so costly, but that’s not to say they were somehow routine.


Security separates two Dodgers fans on the concourse

Two Dodgers fans threw down in the men’s room, while another (right) was pulled out of a fight by police during a wild night at Dodger Stadium

Things weren't any safer in the parking lot, where two men nearly came to blows

Several men can be seen retaliating against police and security who tried to intervene

Things weren’t any safer in the parking lot, where two men nearly came to blows (left). (Right) Several men can be seen retaliating against police and security who tried to intervene 

The group that appeared to take on security and LAPD were tackled by guards and officers, while two men were seen bouncing haymakers off each other’s face before being split apart.

As for the context surrounding the brawls, not much is known.

Dodgers fans were obviously displeased to see the team trailing the Diamondbacks, 2-0, with the series shifting back to Phoenix, but that hardly explains the violence on Tuesday night.

Some of the fights were laughable, such as the restroom brawl between the two long-haired men, neither of whom seemed experienced at fighting.

Likely inebriated, the two men connected several punches against each other, none of which was thrown with much force.

The physical confrontation was so innocuous that several men in the restroom were seen using the facility without paying attention to the ongoing fist fight.

The second-seeded Dodgers will try to save their season in Game 3 on Wednesday night in Arizona.