Does Dog Wet Food Soften Poop?

This is a common query among pet owners, and some people are adamant that it applies.

But what is the response to this well-known question? Let’s first examine the reasons why wet food softens stools and other information regarding whether or not wet food causes loose stools in dogs.

Poops might also get soft from dry food.

Other causes of loose stools in dogs include food changes, infections, parasites, laxatives, and more. Consult your veterinarian to rule out any potential underlying problems if your dog’s soft stool does not improve with a simple diet modification.

What function does poop serve?

In dogs, a healthy stool has a flexible texture. When removed from the anus, it should be stiff enough to maintain its shape but soft enough to fall to the ground. A dog’s stool serves mostly as a holding container for waste until it can be expelled from the body.

If your dog experiences diarrhea that does not go away with a straightforward diet modification, you should speak with your veterinarian to rule out any other potential underlying causes of loose stools in dogs.

Why does dog poop become soft from wet food?

Wet food softens dog excrement for several reasons.

The most obvious explanation is that wet food is moister than dry kibble.

Given that wet dog food contains between 70 and 75 percent moisture and dry kibble contains only 10 percent moisture, it’s easy to see why this significant difference in water content causes wet food to cause loose stools in dogs.

The high protein and fat content of canned meals also contribute to the ability to retain water by giving feces more volume. This is due to protein’s inherent capacity to absorb a lot of water when heated, which contributes to the thickening and softening of stools.

Meat meal and other meat byproducts, which do not absorb water as well as protein obtained from animals, are the most common sources of protein in dry kibble. Because lipids lubricate your dog’s digestive system, canned food’s high-fat content can also contribute to stool that is smoother and softer.

In most dogs, a small amount of extra dietary fiber will also aid in softening stools since it gives stools more volume. It is also now easy and convenient through online wet dog food delivery to order a healthy meal for your dog without any delay.

Puppies: do they need wet food?

Wet food has advantages that are not limited to mature dogs.

If you have a young puppy, he has to consume a lot of canned food so that his bones may develop normally.

Wet dog food is an essential component of your puppy’s daily diet since it contains the protein required for healthy muscle development during the puppy years. However, it’s crucial to speak with your vet about whether it’s OK to start giving your dog wet food.