Does YOUR car insurance cover a broken windscreen? AA urges drivers to check as fewer deals now include it

Does YOUR car insurance cover a broken windscreen? AA urges drivers to check as fewer deals now include it

  • Many car insurance deals exclude cover for windscreens, according to the AA
  • Other policies only cover glass if motorists pay insurers an extra premium

Drivers are being urged to check their insurance policies by the AA, as more and more deals do not include cover for damaged windscreens.

Not only that, but rising numbers of car insurance policies have higher excesses for windscreen damage – meaning motorists have to pay more in order to make a claim at all.

A poll by the AA found that more than eight out of 10 drivers (86 per cent) consider having windscreen cover on their insurance policy ‘important’ with three fifths saying it was ‘very important’.

And windscreens are now more expensive to replace than ever. 

Big bills: Replacing a windscreen can cost hundreds of pounds, as newer cars have fancy gadgetry within the glass that bumps up bills 

As more technology is installed in cars, a front windscreen is more than just a sheet of plain glass. Heating elements, sensors and even cameras mean the average cost to replace a windscreen is £700.

But now AA Insurance is advising drivers to check their car insurance policy, as some insurers are removing windscreen cover in an attempt to offer cheaper policies.

Many insurance deals advertised as ‘basic’ or ‘essential’ have cheap premiums but may remove aspects like windscreen cover, AA Insurance said.

Gus Park, managing director for AA Insurance Services, said: ‘With household budgets being squeezed there is a temptation to find cheaper alternatives, but when it comes to car insurance it could be a case of not knowing what you’re missing.

‘Windscreen cover is commonly removed on “entry level” insurance policies, so it is worth checking what you are covered for. 

‘Claiming for windscreen damage is one of the most common reasons drivers use their policy. If it is not included, then drivers are likely to lose the saving they made when buying a “basics” policy’

Financial data firm Defaqto backed up the AA’s findings, and said the number of car insurance deals excluding windscreen cover was small – but rising.

Defaqto said only 6 per cent of car insurance deals do not offer windscreen cover at all, up from 2 per cent in 2019.

But this figure could be higher than it seems, as many other deals only offer windscreen insurance if the driver pays an extra fee.

Mike Powell, motor insurance expert at Defaqto, said: ‘Windscreen cover is included within the vast majority of comprehensive products. However, we have started to see a trend where this is removed and as a result of this a cheaper premium is offered.

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‘Policyholders who choose to purchase these types of products may find that this could be a false economy particularly if they need to replace a windscreen.’

Defaqto has also noticed that windscreen replacement excesses are increasing. The average excess for a windscreen has increased from £79 in 2019 to £107 today.

Powell added: ‘One of the reasons for this increase is the new technology that is used in windscreens today. 

‘Most modern cars need to have the windscreen recalibrated because of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that are controlled by the sensors within the windscreen. 

‘Another main reason is the cost of windscreen glass, which like most car parts has increased.’