Dominic Perrottet grilled over wife’s ambulance when NSW Premier called Health Minister Brad Hazzard

Dominic Perrottet denies he was looking for any ‘special favours’ when he called the health minister after his wife had waited ‘too long’ for an ambulance

  • NSW  Premier grilled over ambulance call
  • He called minister as wife waited for ambulance
  • Dominic Perrottet says there were no favours 

Dominic Perrottet has denied he called Health Minister Brad Hazzard in order to receive a faster ambulance response for his sick wife.

The NSW Premier was grilled on Sky News over a call he made to Mr Hazzard and Ambulance Commissioner Dr Dominic Morgan which resulted in an ambulance being sent to his house.

Mr Perrottet said he wasn’t looking for special treatment and doesn’t know if the commissioner personally ordered an ambulance for his wife Helen in order to avoid prolonged wait times.

‘My wife was sick at the time and was paralysed in bed and I actually spoke to Brad Hazzard in relation to that matter and an ambulance was organised in the ordinary course,’ Mr Perrottet said.

The Premier said he was on his way back from an event at the time when he made the call to Mr Hazzard.

The ambulance was being called out for Mr Perrottet’s wife Helen (pictured front left) who was lying paralysed in bed

‘I spoke to Brad to get his advice in relation to the situation. Brad was actually randomly enough with the head of ambulance at that time,’ he said.

‘Do you understand that most people in NSW wouldn’t have the access to call the Health Minister or Ambulance Commissioner when they need an ambulance?’ she pressed the Premier.

‘My one-year-old was nearly left without a mother because an ambulance took two hours to come and you were able to get the Ambulance Commissioner and the Health Minister to organise an ambulance to your house.’

Asked why he would call the health minister for advice about his sick wife instead of a doctor, Mr Perrottet replied he is ‘very close’ with Mr Hazzard.

‘I often speak to Brad on a whole range of issues relating to matters such as that,’ he said. 

Mr Perrottet has denied he got special favours from Health Minister Brad Hazzard (pictured right)

Mr Perrottet has denied he got special favours from Health Minister Brad Hazzard (pictured right)

‘I certainly didn’t ask for any favours.’

Ambulance wait times have become a major issue for Saturday’s upcoming state election. 

The NSW Paramedics Association sounded the alarm this week on issues they say are effecting ambulance services by promising industrial action.

As well as better pay, the union is calling for more specialist paramedics and patient transport officers, triaging reform, and huge funding boosts for regional health and community healthcare.