Donald Trump trial LIVE: National Enquirer boss David Pecker reveals why Karen McDougal ‘didn’t want to be the next Monica Lewinsky’

Trump arrived at the court commenting to reporters on bad economic numbers, specifically referring to the GDP, gas prices, and the US dollar.

‘This is Bidenomics, it’s catching up with him … it’s destroyed our country at the border, destroyed our country with other countries, they no longer respect the United States,’ he said.

‘That’s very bad news,’ he added.

He again posited he could do very well in New York in the 2024 election, citing the enthusiasm of the construction workers he met with earlier in the day.

Trump also hinted he was planning a big rally in New York at Madison Square Garden to honor Police officers, firefighters, and teachers.

‘We’re honoring teachers, because teachers have been very maligned with very poor leadership,’ he said. ‘We’ll be honoring the people that make New York work.’

Trump complained that too many police officers were protecting the court house preventing his supporters from appearing to demonstrate their support.

‘I think that the Supreme Court has a very important argument before it today, I would have loved to be there, but this judge would not allow it to happen. I should be there, but he wouldn’t allow it to happen, I think he puts himself above the Supreme Court which is unfortunate isn’t it?’ he said.