Dr Maher Khetyar ‘molested 2 female patients and a nurse’

Dr Maher Khetyar (pictured) has been accused of touching the breasts of two patients during examinations at hospital

A doctor molested two women almost ten years after detectives dropped a criminal investigation into claims he sexually assaulted a nurse, a tribunal heard.

Dr Maher Khetyar, 45, has been accused of touching the breasts of two patients during examinations at hospital.

He was also accused in 2004 of cornering the nurse in his office, unzipping her top and saying: ‘ooh you have a nipple ring, do you have any others?’

But although police were called in to investigate the incident at Caithness General Hospital in Wick, North Scotland, the probe was shelved. 

Officers contacted her again in 2014 when two other women came forward to say they had been molested by Khetyar at hospitals in Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

One known as Patient B said Khetyar cupped her breasts in his hands whilst he was examining her on a ward at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey in July 2012.

Patient C said Khetyar, of Slough, Berks squeezed her breasts at High Wycombe Hospital in July 2013 when she requested paracetamol for a headache.

At the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, the Syrian-born father-of-two denied sexually motivated behaviour towards the nurse and two patients.

The nurse known as Ms A told the hearing how the doctor would make her feel ‘uncomfortable’ with his ‘over friendly’ behaviour.

She added: ‘I found him to be touchy-feely and I felt he invaded my personal space. I felt a little intimidated by him although I felt it was his nature being overly nice.

‘He did try to get my phone number, asked if I was seeing anybody, did I have a boyfriend and did I like doctors.

‘But I was in a very happy and strong relationship at the time, I was in love and had no grounds to flirt with anybody else.’

The hearing was told the incident occurred on October 19, 2004.

She bleeped Khetyar to help her understand some patient files and medical procedures but said: ‘He couldn’t find the notes and he left the office to come and find me on the ward.

Khetyar was also accused in 2004 of cornering and assaulting a nurse in his office at Caithness General Hospital in Wick, North Scotland

Khetyar was also accused in 2004 of cornering and assaulting a nurse in his office at Caithness General Hospital in Wick, North Scotland

‘Then I went into the office and he followed me inside. I found the notes and he shut the door – and this was something I put behind me for 10 years hoping to never have to relive again.

‘I’m not lying about anything. The door doesn’t shut unless you force it shut, you have to push it to shut it.

‘He asked me if everything was alright. I mentioned I was tired and not sleeping well.

‘I was trying to go out of the room but he wouldn’t let me out. He proceeded to demonstrate a procedure by touching my neck and then said he could explain better if I lay down.

‘He tried to grab my arm and kiss my hand and I remember him closing the door and leaning against it.

‘He asked if he could undo my top to show me better with a stethoscope, but I said “no, this is wrong. I’m a professional”.

‘He was rubbing my arm and trying to kiss me at the same time. He put his other arm behind my back and proceeded to unzip my top and lift up my bra and he started groping me.

‘He remarked on my nipple ring and I vaguely remembered him saying “ooh you have a nipple ring, do you have any others?” 

‘The whole thing was disgusting and horrible. I only wish somebody had walked in and I would not have to sit through this now.

‘I said “no, you don’t do this” and I did up my top. I think I shocked him with my response and moved out of the room. It was very quick.’

Ms A carried on with the rest of her shift although Khetyar allegedly approaching her again later, pushing his mobile phone into her face and asking her: ‘Give me your number, give me your number, I want your number’.

She also claimed the doctor followed her into the hospital car park stroked her face and told her ‘everything will be ok’.

She confided in a senior colleague the following day and the matter was later reported to police but no action was taken against the doctor.

When asked why she failed to report Khetyar immediately, Ms A said: ‘I think I was so scared and didn’t really know what to do and needed to continue going about my job and to not affect my patients.

‘The whole situation was awful and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know why I didn’t run to somebody straight away but I just wanted to move on – I left the situation and got on with my job.

‘I was on a programme for training needs and I felt like I was treading on egg shells as it was. I wanted to be better at my job and fulfill my duties professionally and safely.

‘Why would I be sitting here 13 years later going through this mental torture that I’ve had to relive for three years if it was a total and utter lie.

‘I wouldn’t do that. I would not make this up, I would not give up my career in nursing or put myself through this if it didn’t happen. I want to move on from this.’

Patient B, who who had undergone an X-ray after suffering breathing problems, said: ‘The doctor was standing extremely close with his elbows on the pillow.

‘Other examinations I had were not so close and I didn’t feel uneasy. He then cupped and squeezed both of my breasts.’

‘His demeanour seemed to change after, he abruptly walked to the end of the bed after he did it – I definitely didn’t misinterpret what he was doing.

After the examination Dr Khetyar told me the X-ray was fine. I was concerned whether he was a real doctor.

‘I didn’t think I was going to get sexually assaulted at hospital. He was not performing an examination on me the way he did it – it was inappropriate is what it was.

‘I felt he was extremely close to me and remember then specifically looking at his badge and remembering he was from a well-known university.’

The hearing continues.

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