Drawbacks of selling your car directly to an individual

The used car marketplace isn’t what it used to be. It has grown considerably and there is also a shift in the market perspective toward buying and selling used cars. As the economy grows, the aspiration of owning a vehicle has now become a reality for so many people.

As such, the number of people who opt for used cars has also increased greatly.

Today you can sell any car through a dealership or privately. Car switch is a company that helps you grab the best deals based on your needs and budgets by connecting the right seller to the buyer.

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However, when the time to sell your car comes, the toss-up between selling via a dealership or directly to an individual is something almost all sellers consider.

There are pros and cons to both methods of selling but for someone not very experienced in selling cars or if it is your first time there may be more drawbacks when you sell directly to an individual.

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When you decide to sell your car directly to an individual, a lot of the research and paperwork that goes along with this sale will fall on you. To begin with, you have to invest your time in selling your car.

You’ll need to list it on websites, put out an ad on social media, and answer people’s queries online or via phone calls. A lot of times, you will have to set aside time to show the car and people could cancel last minute. This process could take weeks to complete.

Dealerships, especially established ones have a more structured process and deal with a lot of customers on a daily basis, so the turnaround time on selling your car is faster and the hassle of pushing for the sale lies with them.

Whether you decide to post online about the sale of your vehicle or if it is through word of mouth, people are going to start calling you about the vehicle. More often than not, you also get a lot of people who are not genuine buyers.

Sometimes selling directly to an individual can also be an awkward process. Most times, the vehicle will be parked in your garage which means people who want to take a look at the car or test drive will come home.

Since you don’t know the individual, diving head-on to the sale points and the negotiations may not be very smooth. Sometimes you might land up agreeing to a lower price because of a lack of proper negotiation skills.

A lot of times buyers might ask for discounts that you hadn’t thought of offering.

One of the first things you will have to do when you put your car on the market is you have to get your car thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanic. You will have to find a reliable mechanic who will check your car properly and ensure that everything is in proper working condition.

You also don’t want to show a car that is messy and smelly on the inside, so you will have to take it to the car wash to get the interiors cleaned and the exteriors waxed and polished. This will cost you extra money which might eat into the amount you get from selling the car.

Whereas with a dealership, all you’ve got to do is drop your car off and everything is taken care of. As a seller, you will also have to watch out for possible financial fraud that could occur in your transaction.

Another major factor that a lot of sellers overlook at the time of selling their cars is the paperwork involved in the sale.

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For such sales, the paperwork has to be accurate and any inaccuracies can lead to legal trouble further down the line. When you sell directly to an individual, ensure that paperwork such as the transfer of ownership, insurance, and other documents lies with you.

So this means you’ll either have to run around to get it done yourself or you will have to hire a middleman who takes care of these things. However with a dealership, since this is what they do, they have experience in filing all this paperwork and getting it down in a timely, accurate manner.

There are many pitfalls when it comes to selling your car directly to an individual and in a time when people prefer quickness of a sale with the least amount of work involved it is easier to sell via a dealership.