Driving instructor swerves at last minute to avoid teenage girl

Heart-stopping moment driving instructor swerves at last minute to avoid teenage girl (who seems to care more for her phone than her lucky escape)

  • A driving instructor swerved as a girl ran in front of her car in Bradford, Yorkshire
  • The teacher, who was driving at around 20mph, narrowly missed hitting the girl
  • The teenager ‘ran off after her phone’ and seemed ‘more worried’ about it
  • She allegedly left a bus before running ‘straight into the road without checking’

A quick-thinking driving instructor has been hailed a heroine for swerving at the last minute to avoid hitting a girl who blindly ran in front of her.

Dramatic dashcam footage shows a driving instructor narrowly missing a girl running across Clayton Road in Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

In the clip, a bus is seen parked on the road-side as a girl runs across the single lane. 

A teenager girl (pictured) is filmed running across a busy single-lane road in Bradford, West Yorkshire

She blindly runs into a driving instructor and within a matter of seconds, the teacher manages to narrowly swerve away from having an accident

The teenager, who is said to be between 13 and 15, sprints across the road without checking for oncoming traffic.  

Within a few seconds, a driving instructor comes driving along and suddenly veers to the right to narrowly avoid the girl.

Bus driver Adam Richardson described her as ‘exceptionally lucky’ to escape without serious injury.

Viewers say the girl is ‘exceptionally lucky’ to escape without serious injury, during the incident last month

One of the car’s wheels appears to go over the girl’s right food and she is filmed limping away, in the clip shared by the driver, 35.  

The teenager’s phone appears to have taken the brunt of the damage as it was sent flying across the road.  

Adam, who claims to have had the girl on his journey, described the incident as ‘unbelievable’.

‘All of a sudden I heard this horn and and then I saw the learner car come past me and swerve to the right.

A bus driver, who was filming, claimed the girl was ‘more worried’ about her phone which was flung across the road

‘The lass was so close to getting hit, she was exceptionally lucky.’

She ‘just ran off after her phone’ and appeared ‘more worried about that than anything else’, she added.  

The dad-of-three added: ‘Hopefully people can see what happened and realise how important it is to check the road before crossing.

‘A lot of people aren’t as lucky as her.’

The instructor who was inside the swerving car couldn’t be contacted for comment, but her manager Naheem Shah has praised her ‘excellent’ driving skills.

Mr Shah, of Safeway Rider School Of Motoring, said: ‘We’ve all given her a pat on the back and said ‘well done’.

‘She did really well to avoid hitting the girl who was very, very lucky.’

He added: ‘It’s fortunate there was an instructor behind the wheel and not a student, otherwise things might have been very different.’

It remains unclear when the footage was taken. 

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