‘Drunk’ Aussie is locked in a Bali mini-mart in wild citizen’s arrest

An Australian has caused chaos in Bali after being locked up in a convenience store by locals after allegedly attacking an Indonesian man.

Identified by local police only as John, he allegedly struck a 28-year-old in front of Potato Head Beach Club, North Kuta, about 3:30am on Thursday.

A group of locals and bystanders then chased John into a convenience store and locked him inside while waiting for police to arrive.

He was arrested and taken to North Kuta police precinct but couldn’t be questioned by investigators for hours as he was allegedly too drunk.

An Aussie has been arrested and accused of attacking a Balinese local on Thursday morning and was so drunk investigators couldn’t question him for hours (stock image)

Badung Police spokesperson, Puta Sukarma, said John had ‘run amok’ after being chased by a ‘number of ride-sharing motorbike taxis offering him a ride’.

The alleged victim told police he stopped his motorcycle to avoid hitting the Aussie but instead allegedly became his target.

‘The perpetrator immediately beat up the victim … (and) punched him in the face and head,’ Puta told Daily Mail Australia.

He said the incident left the local bloodied with swollen lips and bruising on his arms and right eye.

John’s current location remains unclear.

He is yet to be formally charged but could face assault charges, according to Puta, which carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment. 

The area where the incident occurred is a popular tourist destination with a number of nightclubs such as Potato Head, Mrs Sippy and Beach Bar.

He allegedly attacked attacked the 28-year-old near some of the island's popular beach-side nightclubs such as Potato Head Beach Club (pictured)

He allegedly attacked attacked the 28-year-old near some of the island’s popular beach-side nightclubs such as Potato Head Beach Club (pictured)

It’s the latest incident of holidaymakers causing trouble on the Indonesian island as officials try to strike a balance between fun and safety.

All international tourists have had to pay 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah (about A$15), to pass through Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar, or any of the island’s sea ports since February.

Tourists will have to pay the tax every time they enter the island, in addition to an existing $50 e-visa that has been in place since May 2022.

Bali Governor’s Wayan Koster said the tax will help fund efforts to preserve Bali’s rich ‘culture and environment’ and make the destination less attractive to ‘cheap’ tourists.

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