Drunk man violently throws his dog two floors down

A pet owner in Taiwan brutally kicked his dog before throwing it down from his second-floor home under the influence of alcohol yesterday, according to reports.    

Mobile phone footage taken by a neighbours shows the injured dog whining loudly after it hit the ground floor.  

Two of the man’s neighbours rushed down to prevent him from hurting the animal further before reporting him to the police.

The pet owner picked up his dog and threw it onto the floor hard from his home in Taiwan

According to ET Today, a Taiwanese news website, web user Peggy Yang posted the video onto Facebook.

The user claimed to have witnessed a man abusing his pet dog at home in New Taipei City at midnight on November 5.

Ms Yang said she heard a dog moaning then saw a man, who lives at the opposite building, smashed a black dog onto the floor hard.

It’s not sure how old is the dog but Ms Yang believed the dog was a puppy.

The puppy was being kicked down from second floor to ground floor. 

Footage then shows the black puppy lying on the ground and whining out loud.

Ms Yang told the reporter that the dog suffered bone fractures on the hind legs.

‘We opened the gate and saw the man throwing the dog onto the ground floor. The dog had wounds all over its body. I could tell it was scared. It was trembling at the corner,’ she added.

She questioned the man, who was wearing a cap and a white T-shirt, about his motives. The man, who appeared to be drunk, suddenly threw a chain towards Ms Yang’s neck before walking away from the scene.

Ms Yang, pictured, found the dog had had bone fractures on its hind limbs

Ms Yang questioned the man of his abusive behaviour

Ms Yang, pictured, found the dog had suffered bone fractures on its hind legs (left). Ms Yang questioned the man about his abusive behaviour (right) but was hurt by the man with a chain

Police and animal protection officer arrived shortly. They sent the injured dog to emergency vet for treatment.

The investigation from the policemen suggested that the man had had a few drinks at his relatives house and got drunk.

The dog was treated and stayed in the animal protection office, stated Chen Yuanquan, head of the Animal Protection Office.

‘We will contact the dog owner tomorrow to ask for related evidence and confirm if it is a case of animal abuse. If he has violated certain laws and regulations, we will treat the matter accordingly.’

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