Duchess of Cornwall switches to fake fur after


Prince Harry was planning a romantic getaway with Meghan Markle. Where to?

A. Clacton

B. St Barts

C. Verbier


Who is the unlikely friend of literary giant Sir Salman Rushdie?

A. Petra Ecclestone

B. Petra Khashoggi

C. Victoria Beckham


In what type of car did I spot Oscar-winning Sir Mark Rylance being whisked away from the stage door?

A. Top of the range Bentley with blacked out windows

B. A black cab

C. An eco friendly electric G-Wiz car


Adele has houses in London and LA, but where did she buy a £4million mansion?

A. East Ayrshire

B. East Anglia

C. East Grinstead


Pippa Middleton married James Matthews (inset left). What rule did she instigate to keep down numbers?

A. ‘No ring, no bring’ – engaged or married partners only

B. No children

C. No corgis


Who did party-loving Princess Eugenie beg to be allowed go to Glastonbury this summer?

A. Michael Eavis

B. The Queen

C. Brian May


Which celebrity child bowled out James Stunt in a charity cricket match?

A. Imran and Jemima Khan’s son Kasim

B. David and Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo

C. Boris Johnson’s daughter Cassia


Which Jeremy said women should be ‘glad to get out of the house’ after the BBC gender pay row?

A. Jeremy Clarkson

B. Jeremy Paxman, left

C. Jeremy Corbyn


Rocker and cheese fan Alex James falsely claimed DJ Fat Boy Slim’s loud music killed 24 of his pets. What were they?

A. Bats

B. Guinea pigs

C. Ants


Taylor Swift, right, is known for her slim figure – but what dish was named after her when she filmed in a London takeaway?

A. An Indian

B. A Chinese

C. A kebab


Which royal is gym buddies with grime star Stormzy at the Chelsea Harbour Club?

A. Prince Harry

B. Prince William

C. Prince Philip


In July I said that Prince Harry would guest edit a BBC show at Christmas. Which one was it?

A. Today

B. Top Gear

C. Cash In The Attic


Two and under: I think you are in the wrong place! Try the sports pages.

Three to five: Good effort, but I won’t bump into you on the red carpet.

Six or seven: You are obviously used to sipping bubbly – but more prosecco than champagne.

Eight or more: I’m impressed! You are an A+ Girl About Town. I look forward to rubbing shoulders with you at my favourite haunts…


Jan C, Feb B, Mar C, Apr C, May A, June B, Jul A, Aug B, Sept B, Oct C, Nov B, Dec A.

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