E-Cigarette-What is it and how is it a better alternate to smoking?

Cigarette smoking is a habit that is found in most of the youngsters and millennial kids. The reason behind this smoking is the increasing pressure of life. Earlier people handle the pressure in their life much better than the people now. But due to a lack of patience, people today get addicted to these cigarettes easily.

There are many adverse effects of cigarette smoking, of which people are now getting aware. Due to this awareness, people have now started looking for an alternative to smoking and have landed the option of E Cigarette

What is E-Cigarette?

An E-Cigarette is an electronic device that is the result of the modernization and technology revolution. When launched, these devices are shaped like cigarettes, but later on, there are plenty of shapes and sizes introduced in electronic cigarettes. In this device, there is an oil-filled, and a machine is fitted. Now the functioning of the device is effortless.

You have to start the battery and push the button for plenty of seconds. It will lead to the ignition of the battery, and it will start heating the filament that is available in the oil chamber. It will start heating the oil due to which the vapors start forming in the device; a person inhales these vapors and starts feeling high. The oil present in the E-Cigarette has material that gives a person the same pleasure as traditional smoking.

How are these cigarettes a better option?

There is plenty of reason that leads us to conclude that the E-Cigarette is much better than traditional smoking. Let us study those points in detail, which will help you in making up your mind to shift from the cigarette to these electronic pieces of cigarettes.

They give more pleasure then the cigarettes 

When a person smokes a cigarette, then the main reason behind starting is a pleasure. Due to the tensions and the stress that a person has to go through in their life, they start smoking. It provides the person some moments of pleasure, which cuts them apart from real-life issues.

The work of E-Cigarette is also the same as smoking, but the effects are much better. Yes, when you switch to these products leaving your traditional smoking, you will realize that it gives a much pleasurable and soothing experience to the person who also lasts longer than the cigarettes.

Vapor doesn’t harm the lungs, but smoke does 

When a person is smoking for a more extended period, then the cigarette’s smoke affects the lungs. There is a fixed amount of tobacco that is available in the cigarette. They are not just hit and affect the mind but also start affecting the lungs. After some time, a tar kind of material starts depositing in the lungs of the person. This may lead to various diseases like lung cancer and bronchitis. After this, people start feeling issues in breathing.

They also start feeling issues in the heart flow of blood and also the oxidation of the blood, which will be wrong in the long term. There are no such harmful effects of the E-Cigarette as the smoke in cigarettes is replaced by the oil vapors. They never affect the lungs’ function and are also said to increase the working of the lungs and the heart both.

Helps in the curing of depression and stress 

Depression and stress are also some of the dominant factors that cause people to smoke, but it is never a solution. But according to the researches, the E-Cigarette is one of the best ways out of this depression and stress. They are curing the depression forever, whose results are not even in the allopathic medicines. That is why people must think of switching to these devices.


By now, you must have understood what is the concept of E-Cigarettes and how are these better than traditional smoking? You should keep these points in mind to help you in your journey from cigarettes to these electronic devices.

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