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Elective surgery in Australia could resume next week

Elective surgery could resume next week as Scott Morrison looks forward amid low coronavirus transmission rates

Elective surgery could resume as early as next week as Scott Morrison remains hopeful amid low coronavirus transmission rates.

The surgeries were suspended at the end of March in bids to free up more beds for coronavirus patients with only emergency surgeries going ahead. 

But on Thursday, the Prime Minister announced they were considering allowing elective surgeries to start up again.

‘As I said next week on Tuesday we will consider the issue of elective surgery, which could see some immediate return in that area which would be very positive,’ Mr Morrison said. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the government will consider resuming elective surgery in a meeting next Tuesday

Mr Morrison also announced on Thursday that lockdown measures would be in place for at least another month. 

The Prime Minister listed three requirements that need to be fulfilled before restrictions can be removed.

Wider testing, more rigorous contact tracing involving an app and plans for local lockdowns to combat outbreaks need to be in place, he said.  

It means that pubs, restaurants and gyms will be kept shut, large gatherings will remain banned and working from home will be encouraged where possible.

Weddings are still limited to five people and funerals to ten people. 

More to come.