Embroidery fashion trends for 2022

Embroidery remains one of the main trends for all types of wardrobes. Decorating in this way is now recommended not only for sweaters, cardigans, or jeans but also for jackets.

Moreover, if earlier they did maximum stripes or embroidery on jeans, now it is possible and necessary to “customize” a jacket or coat in a similar way. Then an ordinary thing from the mass market will become unusual, individual, and trendy.

Thanks to the modern technology of digitalization, embroidery designs and patterns with the most complex stitch and multicolor have become possible.

Natural patterns and abstract designs are always on trend, but in 2022, abstract embroidery will take a special place on the fashion scene and will be the coolest trend of 2022.

Embroidery in modern fashion

Hand embroidery as a manifestation of true art at any time aroused the sincere admiration of its adherents. This kind of art originated in ancient times. Previously, the embroidery was considered only as an option for a pleasant pastime for needlewomen.

Today, embroidery is recognized by most fashion designers, prominent figures of culture, and show business.

Decorating everyday clothes with embroidery also takes a long time. Things decorated with an embroidered image acquire a certain uniqueness, because they are created in a single copy.

Embroidery turn familiar, faceless things into unique, stylish, eye-catching clothes.

You can buy ready-made embroidery designs. They are applied in their entirety, they can depict various motifs – from flowers or plants to quite provocative ones. They often are also inlaid with rhinestones, decorated with beads and other decorative elements.

You can browse some designs from the Creative Fabrica embroidery library These free embroidery designs and patterns where you can explore the latest trends and download the last trends in designs for embroidery (both hand and machine).

Fashionable embroidery in couturier collections

The works of many modern fashion designers show that artistic embroidery has never gone out of fashion. Complex ornaments and exquisite patterns allow avoid the dullness and simplicity of the image, and vintage patterns effectively complement noble fabrics.

Fashionable things with embroidery can be seen not only in ethnic-style collections. The greatest representatives of the fashion industry such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti, Balmain, and Gucci demonstrate their love for embroidery on the catwalk.

Fashionable embroidery on clothing can be created from a variety of materials. Gold, silver, or multi-colored threads can be used, along with precious and decorative gemstones, artificial and natural pearls, and glass beads.

These materials create a stunning effect in combination with high-quality, noble fabrics, fur, or leather. Haute couture products are works of art that can be admired endlessly.

Fashion trends in embroidery on clothes

Embroidery is a fashion trend of our time. It can decorate things in different styles. It can be clothed in a classic, office, urban, romantic style. Embroidered patterns add a touch of glamor to bold oversize-look and ethnic-inspired outfits.

Increasingly, you can see everyday clothes embellished with floral, vegetal, or abstract patterns embroidered on fabric. This decoration makes blouses, wedding and evening dresses, and classic suits especially elegant.

Thanks to embroidery, blouses and business suits become more feminine and sophisticated.

Evening dresses with embroidery make the image of the bride even more tender and beautiful. Evening dresses with embroidered patterns acquire a special sophistication, style, and attractiveness.

Embroideries are applied to shorts, T-shirts, jeans, and jackets. Embroidery on shorts and T-shirts testifies to the courage of their owner and her readiness for experiments and adventures.

Embroidered jeans make the look bright, summery, and light. Restrained jackets with the help of embroidered patterns acquire a special harmony and sophistication.

Thus, even outerwear items are decorated: coats, jackets, and fur coats. Outerwear with such decoration makes the image of the owner noble and stylish.

Embroidery on casual clothes must highlight the image.

Thus, bright and vivid embroidery patterns will favorably complement the strict style of clothing. Things that are bright in color with embroidered patterns can look too outrageous. They are only suitable for special occasions.

The image created with the help of clothes with embroidery, first of all, should be harmonious.