Emirates passengers injured after flight from Perth to Dubai is hit by severe turbulence

More than a dozen passengers and crew were injured on an international flight from Perth when the plane hit severe turbulence.

Emirates flight EK421 from Perth to Dubai was shaken violently over the Persian Gulf shortly before landing early Tuesday morning.

A spokesperson said 14 people were assessed by medical staff both on the plane and after the Airbus A380 landed at about 4.45am local time.

More than a dozen passengers and crew members were injured on board Emirates flight EK421 from Perth to Dubai early Tuesday morning

‘We can confirm that flight EK421 from Perth to Dubai on 4 December briefly encountered unexpected turbulence mid-flight,’ they told The West Australian.

‘While onboard, those injured were assessed and assisted by our crew and medically-trained volunteers, with additional medical support provided via satellite link.

‘The flight was met by medical services on landing, and Emirates has also deployed its care team to ensure the injured passengers and crew are provided all possible support.’

One passenger said meal services were stopped during the turbulence and travellers were told to stay in their seats with their seatbelts on.

It’s believed at least one passenger called out for ‘help’ later in the flight and was given oxygen.

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