England fan downs an entire bottle of wine in Malta

  • England fans are in Malta to see their team play in the next World Cup qualifier
  • They have been getting into the spirit in the streets of the Maltese capital
  • One fan was caught downing a bottle of wine as other supporters cheered 

This is the moment an England fan helps his fellow supporters warm up their vocal cords as they cheer him on when he downed a bottle of wine. 

The football fan was filmed guzzling the bottle of white in Malta, ahead of the England World Cup qualifier match.  

He seemed to throw caution to the drink responsibly mantra when he necked the 750ml bottle in one go – that would usually fill three large glasses. 

In the video, he’s seen drinking straight from the bottle, as a huge crowd gathers around him to watch.

Then as he finishes off the drink, they cheer and applaud his feat. 

Fans cheer when he finishes off the bottle

In the video, the England fan downs a bottle of wine as supporters cheer around him

England will play Malta tonight in the Group F qualifier game. Gareth Southgate’s squad is currently sitting at the top of the group with 14 points. 

Fans are in Malta to watch the next qualifier match

The video was shared on Facebook and Instagram by Casual Ultra and has been viewed thousands of times

The video was shared on Facebook and Instagram by the page, Casual Ultra. 

It’s been viewed thousands of times and has been liked and commented on by hundreds of followers. 

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