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Enhancing home with beautifully designed and well-fitted windows

How Wooden Windows Can Transform Your Home

Restoration and complete replacement of a glass unit allow you to change the facade of the house and its interior. In addition, after such works, the cost of utility bills will become smaller. High-quality frames and new glass will help keep the house warm and improve their safety.

It is possible to replace both old wooden windows and modern PVC glass units. Instead, you may install energy-efficient timber windows complementing the exterior of your house perfectly. In most cases, it’s enough to repair windows or some parts of glass units. Common reasons for repair include:

  •   broken glass;
  •   deformed frames;
  •   drafts;
  •   increased level of street noise;
  •   difficulties when opening.

Renovation of a double-glazed window is an excellent investment, you will notice increased efficiency of the functionality of the window immediately after their installation.

Window styles: which is right for you

A correctly selected style of timber windows is able to improve the look of the building’s facade, as well as its interior. The insulating glass unit must provide a sufficient amount of sunlight as well as warmth.

When choosing an option for a one-story house, you can choose vertical windows of small width. They will look stylish. In turn, a massive double-glazed window will become the highlight of an old cottage.

The basis of classical architecture is the golden ratio, which is still used today. According to this principle, the aspect ratio in a window should be 1:1:618. If the vertical sash is 800 mm wide, then its height must be 1300 mm.

When carrying out renovation works in old-style houses, it is important to decide on the right materials. Wooden windows will look best. Small double-glazed windows with sashes will be a great addition to cottage-styled buildings. To improve thermal performance it is worth using double glazed windows. The sashes consisting of several sections, made in the Gregorian or Victorian style, will also look great. For a modern home, wooden windows are suitable, too, and if the building is made in minimalist style, you can opt for a double-glazed window with aluminum elements.

Window materials explained

For a glass unit, you can order coniferous trees. This is the most affordable windows option. They can be made in a variety of styles, including vintage and modern trends. If necessary, the products can be painted in any desired shade. As for the shortcomings of such double-glazed windows, it’s worth noting the need for regular painting every few years.

Many homeowners prefer deciduous trees. Such wooden windows are stable and durable compared to coniferous ones, have a dense structure, and are easy to process. This is the most popular option for houses built in classic style.

In modern mansions, aluminum double-glazed windows are often installed. Such windows may have a frame of minimum thickness. Aluminum windows can be used to renovate old houses since the difference between the original and the new glass unit is not noticeable. In some cases, such windows reduce the value of the old house.

If you experience difficulties choosing the right material, it’s worth picking a composite system, which uses a combination of several materials for a frame. The interior cladding can be made of wood, covered with a water-repellent coating. Windows will go well with other interior elements, especially with furniture or a kitchen set.

The glass fibre insulating glass unit is perfect for both modern houses and buildings of historical value. They have a solid frame and are available in various colours. To fully match your interior design, you can choose a thin frame, but the energy efficiency of such windows is significantly less than that of wooden double-glazed windows.

What to look for when buying double glazing

Double glazing can be installed on-site during the installation of a new glass unit. Many window manufacturers are gradually abandoning this concept and prefer to install the glass during the production of the frame itself. It simplifies the installation of glass units.

The glass chosen for a window can be of low emissivity. It has a low glazing ratio. Such glass is designed to keep warmth inside the house. The double glazing is made in accordance with the UK building code.

Advantages of this type of windows include:

  •   reduction of heat losses up to 4-5 times compared to single glazing;
  •   protection from sunlight — rooms heat up less in summer;
  •   reduction of drafts;
  •   better noise insulation.

The space between glasses is filled with inert gas, which allows the structure to retain heat, while a metal oxide coating is used to reflect the sun rays.

Get an online timber window quote

The duration of the window manufacturing process depends on the type of glass unit. You can order a ready-made structure or choose a product that will fit the size of the existing window area.

On average, it takes about 12 weeks to complete one order. At the same time, you shouldn’t rush to fill out an order if your house is just being built. The size of the window openings may change, making new glass units unusable. To clarify other details, it’s enough to contact the company’s managers at