Escape Room- The adventure game you must try out

There is a new kind of adventure game popping up everywhere; and it does not involve a computer, a cell phone, or an App Store. Maybe you are driving around town and see the billboard advertisements for Escape Rooms and wondered what in the world it could be. Maybe even after it is described to you, you might not think that this is the type of thing you might enjoy: to be in a locked room with other people and then what? Escape?

But really what is an Escape Room?

There is no way to describe an escape room and give you an exact understanding of what an escape room is because to know an escape room you would have to experience it yourself. Think back to your childhood. Do you remember the haunted houses on Halloween? Can you describe one specifically and convey the experience of it? Remember as a kid getting in line to get scared out of your wits and then do it all over again? Or how about a scavenger hunt? Sure you can describe what it entails, but can you put into words the rush to solve the clues and be the first one to finish?

The origin of the escape room may be traced back to those loved games of your childhood. Sort of a mix of apprehension of a new environment; the excitement of the challenge ahead; and the concentration to beat the game before the clock runs out. However, there is way more to an Escape room than your imagination can concoct. This is not your neighbor’s haunted house or a birthday party’s scavenger hunt. A specialized team of designers device an elaborate game setting where you and your team need to solve puzzles, riddles and decipher clues in order to win the game, or in this case, exit the game.

Is it just a game?

The one-room game is more than a real-life video game. The experience will make use of all your senses, your powers of observation, and your attention to detail. The puzzles include hidden objects, lights, symbols, and unusual or misplaced items. Really everything and anything inside the room is fair game to confuse you or give you a hint or clue. Like the scavenger hunt games, you need to think on your feet and race the clock.

Tell me about the room?

Most of the escape room venues have one or two rooms available to play and seldom change them up. The locked room escape Calgary currently has four different themed rooms. Designed to immerse you back into the prohibition times; transport you to the jungles of Zanzibar, a genie lamp, or right into space. Each room can be chosen based on complexity and minimum age requirements. Stay tuned, with more theme rooms coming soon, locked room escape Calgary guarantees that you can come back time and again and not get bored. The theme rooms are designed to immerse you and your team for one full hour into a game of wits.

Can I play by myself?

The locked room escape Calgary recommends to have a minimum of two people on your team to help you solve the game in the time allotted, but each team can have up to 10 people. It is a perfect activity of team cooperation and strategy. The team has to work together to solve the puzzles and clues. You don’t have to drive hundreds of miles out of town to a corporate retreat venue to get the same kind of team building relationship as you would get at your locked room escape in downtown Calgary.