ESPN NFL analyst Rex Ryan blasts ex-rival Bill Belichick for Patriots’ demise: ‘Your team stinks… Tom Brady was the only reason you won anyway’

  • Ryan admitted that Belichick is the ‘greatest in history’ while eviscerating him
  • Belichick won six Super Bowls with Brady, who then added another in Tampa  
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ESPN’s Rex Ryan has seen more than enough of the ‘Patriot way,’ particularly with coach Bill Belichick’s team falling to 2-9 on Sunday.

Once used to describe New England’s locker-room culture during the Tom Brady era, the Patriot way is now being blamed for the team’s struggles under Belichick, who drew the ire of Ryan during Monday’s episode of ‘Get Up.’ After Belichick once again refused to name a starting quarterback until Sunday, when the Patriots lost to the hapless New York Giants, the ex-Jets and Bills coach lashed at his former rival.

‘Can I just say this: Bill Belichick, please stop,’ Ryan said Monday after Patriots quarterbacks Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe both struggled at MetLife Stadium. ‘Just name your dang starter. It doesn’t matter, they both stink, whether it’s Zappe or ”Pea Shooter” Jones – like we care about your team. Your team stinks.’

Then Ryan went a step further by crediting Brady for Belichick’s six Super Bowl rings.

‘Tom Brady was the only reason you won anyway,’ Ryan said of the former Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback. ‘I said from jump, they would never win again when that guy trotted down to Tampa.’

Rex Ryan eviscerated Bill Belichick on Monday, while admitting the Patriots ‘kicked my ass’ 

The Patriots are now 2-9 on the season after Bill Belichick (pictured) & Co. lost to the Giants

The Patriots are now 2-9 on the season after Bill Belichick (pictured) & Co. lost to the Giants 

Tom Brady's No. 12 was retired at a ceremony in Foxborough earlier this season

Tom Brady’s No. 12 was retired at a ceremony in Foxborough earlier this season 

Ryan’s ESPN co-host Ryan Clark couldn’t hide his pleasure at hearing Ryan attack Belichick

‘My boy Rex on fire!’ the former Pittsburgh Steelers safety hollered.

The point Ryan was making was about the Patriot way.

‘This team plays like they’re exhausted,’ Ryan said. ‘And the Patriots way, that’s it. It exhausts these kids.

‘Because I know how draining that is to these kids,’ Ryan continued. ‘And that is what you’;re facing right now.’

Ryan didn’t entirely dismiss Belichick’s accomplishments.

After all, the Patriots are 9-3 against Ryan teams, including the Jets’ playoff win in Foxborough in 2011.

‘Bill Belichick — greatest in history,’ Ryan said. ‘I will never dispute that. I had my ass kicked by him a million times.

‘But if you think for a minute that it wasn’t about Tom Brady, you’re absolutely crazy.’

The Patriots currently rank 26th and 16th in offense and defense, respectively, and are likely headed for a top-three selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.