Esports Free bet VS Deposit Bonus – What’s Best?

Betting, sports betting, horse betting, gambling, it has all grown immensely popular over the years. And given the last couple of years, with the outbreak of this epidemic and the financial woes that many are facing, many have turned to these activities as a means to supplement their income. Some just bet purely for entertainment purposes. Regardless of your seasons for betting or the types of betting that you are doing, there is one thing that they all have in common. And, that is that they come available with a variety of bonus options. This is just one of the ways that online providers entice customers into taking advantage of their services. A tactic that Esports are highly familiar with.

Most of these sites will gift you a bonus as soon as you enroll in their services. Some might let you choose the bonus you want, whereas others might only offer one bonus. Regardless, two of the most popular bonuses that you’ll find offered by Esports betting sites today are the free bet bonus and the deposit bonus. Which is better?

Understanding Free Betting Bonuses

Before you start evaluating the types of bonuses available to you and which is better, you need to understand how these bonuses work. A free bet is essentially designed to get you interested in a provider’s betting services. They do this usually by offering you some kind of deal where you can bet without assuming any risk. Or, at least they make it seem this way. It seems this way because most of these bonuses come with what is known as rollover requirements.

Rollover requirements are the amount that you must first bet before you officially claim these wins or losses as you own. For instance, it works like this. You join a site, they offer you $30 free, you deposit and qualify for the bonus, and you then place that $30 wager and lose. If the site’s rollover requirement is 8x, it means that you’ll have to wager $240 before those $30 in losses actually come out of your pocket. The same concept is applied to winning. If you win, you have to wager $240 (30×8) before you can make withdraws on the bonus.

Understanding Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are just another type of bonus that is offered by online gambling or Esports sites today like Judi Online. This one virtually means that the provider is willing to match a percentage of your initial bet. You can usually cash out this bonus in a lump sum once the terms and conditions have been met. Here’s an example of how these bonuses work.

You sign up for and qualify for a 100% matched bonus, you then deposit $200 of your own money, and you no qualify for $200 free dollars. The only problem is that there are usually high rollover requirements attached to these bonuses. Some can go as high as 30x, meaning that you would literally have to wager $3,000 of your own money before you could make withdraws on this $200.

Which Is Better?

The best bonus for you really comes down to the type of gambler you are. Are you one that likes to bet high-volume? Maybe you want to keep things on the lower spectrum and just test out the waters. If this is the case, you’ll likely be better off with the free bet bonus, as it’ll give you a chance to test the site and see what they are all about. The deposit bonus is better suited for players that are ready to go all in.