Essential tips and tricks for painting by numbers

Paint by numbers is a fascinating art that is inspiring as well. When you are painting anything, you need to follow some rules. There are tips and tricks that will let you come with perfect results every time you decide to create a masterpiece. It is good to follow them to get the desired results. Painting may be hard especially for the newbies. It can take several hours or even days. When you are painting for the first time, you should consider some tips that will make the task easier and also let you make a beautiful painting.

The tips and tricks for painting by numbers are mentioned below:

Appropriate ambience

Obviously, you are going to do the painting for a few hours. It is not possible to get perfect results unless you choose a comfortable place. It is recommended to prepare the area before you begin to paint by numbers. Make sure there is plenty of light to see the canvas properly. Choose an area where you have proper light. If you are sitting near a window in the day time, it is best to get lots of natural sunlight. When you work in a dark area, you are not likely to view the canvas properly. It can result in choosing the wrong color on the relevant number. It can also make painting a bad experience. A dark room can take you more time to finish the painting.

Comfortable desk and chair

Get a table at a normal height and also a chair or sofa that you feel comfortable. You have to sit there for several hours. So, it has to be soft and not so irritating. Before starting, sit on the chair and see if it is good for you. If you are using a chair, keep a cushion behind you to support back. Choose a high back chair to support the neck as well.

High-quality kits

There are many sellers online offering paint by numbers kits. Some are doing a great job others are giving average quality products. Always buy a high-quality kit to ensure you create a nice piece of art. If you compromise over quality, you will never be able to paint the desired design perfectly. There will be flaws and defects. Choose high-quality brushes that are made for the professionals. The canvas should also be durable. Paints should also be of high quality because they are going to affect the final result.


There are many accessories with art kits that are essential for you. Buy gloves, an apron, brush holder, table light and cotton wipes. Don’t ignore these accessories as they help you have a wonderful painting experience. Some dealers offer more accessories too; you can buy any of them as long as they serve the purpose. Although they will add up to the total cost, the benefits are worth the price. So, don’t hesitate to buy them as well.

The best design

Obviously, the painting will give results according to the design you have chosen. So, you must select the most impressive design for painting to create something beautiful. If it is a unique design, you will be having an edge over others. There are many designs available. These are floral, abstract, religious symbols, calligraphy, celebrities, famous places, pets, birds and animals. Some people like painting custom photos which is a great idea. If your design isn’t good, it will not give a great result. It will ruin the painting and make the final effect quite disappointing. Take some time to navigate through the designs to choose the best one.


Simplicity is the key

If you are a new artist, go for a design which has small motives and is not so intricate. Complex designs are for professionals. If you choose a big painting, you will end up in frustration as it will take too much time to complete. Select one flower instead of a bunch; or a small beach rather than a huge park. Avoid historical places as they have too many details in them.


If you are on a tight budget, nothing to worry about. View different websites selling paint by numbers kits. You can compare them and see the prices. Buy one that is within your buying range. There are paintings for buyers of all classes. With research, you will be able to find painting kits at a normal price. If there is a promotion from a seller, you can avail the offer. Just keep looking and compare to get the most suitable kit.


If you don’t like those ordinary designs, don’t panic. There is an option of choosing a custom image for paint by numbers. It can be a single portrait or a group photo. It is not only unique but also beautiful. It will instantly lift up the room where you place it. If you want to send it as a gift to your dear ones, it will be a great way to express your feelings.

Color scheme

Choose color schemes wisely. The final result mainly depends upon the tones you select for the painting. If you are making a natural scene, make sure you go for the naturally occurring colors. It should not look artificial or overdone. Bright colors are good for flowers and the beach. Birds and pets should be painted in their natural colors. The colors have a deep impact on the painting. If you are going to place it in your home, consider the colors of the room. These should be in harmony with the ambience. When you choose an entirely different scheme for the colors, it will not look good. So, harmony is important.


When you are done with the painting, it is time to frame the paint by numbers painting. Choose a beautiful frame with a nice border around it. It can be simple or textured as you like. If you want to make it fancy, choose a frame that is not plain but has design over it. Go for the latest designs to make the painting look wonderful. Frame color should be compatible with the painting.

Consider these tips and tricks to make perfect paint by numbers.