Essential Tools For Diamond Art Painting

Diamond Art Painting is the best hobby to have if you are trying to show your creativity and artistic side. It is not a traditional method of painting, it is a more unique and interesting way to express your creative side, as well as Diamond Painting, is a hobby that also leads a person to feel calmer, better, and more relaxed.

Either you have this amazing hobby of diamond art painting or you are just getting started, Diamond Painting is not that complex hobby as someone might think, it is simply just placing the diamonds beautifully on your canvas which features a color-coded chart.

French online store Trendy Diamond Painting provides a whole range of useful accessories for this hobby. Diamond Embroidery Tools and Kits (“outils et kits pour Broderies de diamant“) are all about having the right tools and equipment. Apart from buying the amazing Diamond Art Kit you like, it is important to know about other tools and accessories you have to have in order to take your Diamond Art Painting on another level.

Now, we will discuss all the tools and accessories needed for Diamond Art Painting, from a simple tool to all other ones that could take our hobby to a whole other level.

Wax Pens/ Drill Pens

Primarily, applicator pens like wax pens or drill pens are the must-haves for diamond painting. These applicator pens are usually included in the diamond art kit one buys. The drill pens are considered somewhat traditional whereas the wax pens are easy to use and considered practical.

Wax Pens: If you are using wax pens, then the wax will be directly applied to the diamonds meaning that you won’t have to dip your pen in the wax or glue whatever you are using, again and again, saving you time. And then you just have to place your diamonds on the canvas.

Drill Pens: Drill pens are rather considered traditional, when using drill pens you have to dip your pen in the glue or wax and then pick up the diamonds and place them wherever you like. This type of pen is usually included in the kits.

Glue and Wax

Glue or Wax is also one of the most essential tools for diamond art painting. Firstly decide what you will be using, whether glue or wax. Then you will have to apply the glue or wax to your applicator pen whether you are using a wax pen or a drill pen, after that pick up the diamonds with the help of the pen and place them on your painting whenever you like.

Almost all the tool kits for diamond art painting will include glue or wax, but busing some extra will become necessary at some point. Even in the case, you are using the wax pen as an applicator, still you will need some extra wax when you notice that not enough wax is coming out of the wax pen.

Light pads

Diamond Art Painting is all about putting the right diamond in the right place. The light pad is an amazing accessory to have if you want to enjoy creating your diamond art painting as well as make sure that all the diamond pieces are placed in the right place. The light pad creates the light from below making your diamonds shine and you get this amazing view of your painting.

The whole idea of putting the light pad behind your canvas is to create light that will let you know if you have placed all your pieces correctly as well as using an accessory like this puts less burden on your eyes. Your eyesight can become weak if you have to work on putting small diamonds on your canvas in dim light, using a light pad makes all the work easy.

Craft Table

Craft tables are a must-have to create a diamond art painting. Setting the right environment for your hobby takes your creativity and fun to a whole other level. Having a craft table to create a diamond painting is essential, as creating a diamond painting above all requires patience and a craft table can make the whole process comfortable.

Before buying a craft table, make sure it is as comfortable as it can get with adjustable angles and also height, as you don’t want to remain in the same posture all day. Also, check if the surface of the craft table is good. Consider buying a craft table with a glass surface if you want to use a light pad below your canvas. Moreover, you can also consider buying a craft table with some drawers, etc, as it will easy to store your pens and essential tools in them.

Bag of Diamonds 

It is necessary to have extra diamonds with you, whenever you are creating a Diamond Art Painting Kits as you never know when they can run out. It is considered to have a bag of diamonds for all the different colors, when you choose to work on a canvas with numbers for specific diamonds then it will be helpful as bag diamonds you will have will also be numbered.

The crystals or diamonds you choose to work with can be of different shapes like square, round, etc. Always make sure to have extra ones with you in case you lose diamonds. The whole process will become easy with the bags of numbered diamonds having different colors.

Magnifiers and Tweezers

The creation of a diamond art painting requires hand-eye coordination. And so here becomes the use of magnifiers necessary. As it was mentioned earlier that you have to place the diamonds in the right place at all costs so having a magnifier or foldable magnifier is even better.

It is advisable to use tweezers wherever your diamonds need further adjustment. A pair of tweezers is a must-have to make sure all your diamonds stick to the right places.


The frame is a must-have accessory. After you have finished your Paint By Diamonds, now you have to frame it to present it in the most beautiful way. Adding frames to your diamond art paintings will enhance the beauty and aesthetic of your work.

Frames can come in different sizes. You can choose the frame you think fits best for our painting. There are standard-size frames available everywhere in the market. Also, there is a stretcher-bar frame available and it comes in different sizes, you can easily choose the most suitable for your diamond art painting.

Hope you found all this information useful!