EuroCoinx Review – Feature Analysis

Trusting a new broker on the market always looks risky. EuroCoinx is a relatively new player in the trading game. However, it looks like the creators made a good error analysis of their competitors and combined all the valuable features in one platform.

As a result, it is a multifunctional, affordable, and interactive platform. Both technical aspects and pricing policies are well-balanced. The user does not feel ripped off for the nice interface of a site.

The features come in handy for people with multiple assets. The main perks that EuroCoinx is famous for are security, privacy, tools, pricing, and support team.

How does the service work?

To start navigating on the site, you need to be a registered user. The site has a simple form for registration. The next step is to select what type of account you want to have. It depends on the capital that you want to have.

Note that EuroCoinx works with different assets but it is recommended to check if yours are accepted. Then, check out the markets you can place your bids on. The number of markets that EuroCoinx cooperates with is impressive.

You will later have the option to select your assets and features that help deal with them. There will be sections:

  • CFD trading
  • Cryptocurrency
  • 200+ symbols plus currencies
  • Stocks

These are the sections that dwell on the assets and their potential. Besides, the platform offers you to contact their support team if you are not sure about some features.

Security of Trading with EuroCoinx

It has always been a topical issue to protect your assets. Whenever you trust even a small amount of money to some online platform, you want to know how they protect it.

What are the chances of being scammed? EuroCoinx is a part of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, and it has all the needed measures implemented to prevent fraud on the site. Hence, there is no chance of being scammed by the site, unless you are not careful with your login details.

The security protocols that can be noticed on the site are SSL protection, firewall, and user verification. If you want to activate multi-layer identification for signing up to the account, you can do so.

Also, whenever signing in happens from a different IP, there is a notification about it. It comes to your email. Hence, the chances that someone will fool you are minimized.


If you want to have an abundance of trading options, tools, and features, EuroCoinx is the right place for that. It is a broker with a lot of offers, discounts, and promotions.

Although the platform is freshly created, it has a membership base of thousands from all over the globe. Its international status helps attract customers as well as cooperate with reputable banking systems and institutions.

All the perks are enhanced with a support team that is helpful and knowledgeable. Although the site provides manuals on trading, live communication with the support agent brings much more confidence.