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Every Biker Loves Motorbike Body Armours

Protection is foremost while riding a bike. The perfect solution to wear essential protection is to wear motorbike armors. To cover the inherent risk of riding, choosing the best protection strategy must include ride safely and wear the best gear. One should select the best body armor as they are designed and developed to reduce abrasion, absorb light shocks and safeguard the impact zones of the human body chest, back, shoulder, elbows, and knees.

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To disclose why bikers love motorbike armor, we will discuss a few benefits and types of Motorbike body armour.

Advantage of wearing body armor

Safeguard: Wearing high-quality armor while driving a bike will help your knees, hips, thighs, and backbones get damaged due to any misfortune.

Survival: There will be more chances that you will walk away from a high-speed crash if intact with motorbike body armor while riding.

Derive pleasure: Riding the motorcycle is dangerous, but you can derive pleasure during your rides if you follow all safety measures and wear motorbike body armor.

Types of motorbike body armour

Armored vest: The high-quality motorcycle armored vest is designed to cover your upper body, torso, and back. Results have shown that it provides excellent protection to the chest and spinal cord from impacts and abrasion. However, its design doesn’t offer any protection to your arms. Its main feature is its abrasion-resistant outer core and padded interior that provides the whole comfort and is suitable for wearing an over a sweatshirt.

Armored jackets: Armour jacket comes in leather, mesh, textile, and a Kevlar hybrid material. It is tailored to provide extra protection in areas such as the elbow, shoulders, and back. Design for all-weather condition, it protects you from full arms also as compare to vest armor. You can enjoy many years with this riding gear as there is no predetermined replacement period fixed for them. As add-ons, they have internal and external pockets and straps to customize the fit.

Armored boots: Like jackets, motorbike boots also come in many different styles and protection. You can choose among style that provides more outer protection around the toe for abrasion, a steel toe for more impact protection or just a simple over the ankle boot to support ankle from damage.

Many debates are made whether wearing motorcycle boots is necessary or not for riding. It depends on rider preference, but a safety study has conducted that it reduces 53% risk of an ankle injury and a 73% reduction in open wound injuries. However, it provides 90% risk covering for open wound injuries.

Armored pants: Protecting the lower body part that gets impact if met with any crash is equally necessary to protect, just like saving the upper body part with an armored jacket. Armored pants are designed to provide safety to impact zones like hips, knees, pelvis, and legs. They are available in leather and textiles and have insight padding for better protection.

Wrapping up the motorcycle armor

Motorcycle body armor is an essential accessory to carry with you whenever you go for a bike ride. Remember that it is designed to keep you secure if you met with any miss happening while riding. Take all the necessary action to stay safe and enjoy your ride with total confidence.