Everything About XS POWER Titan8 Lithium Batteries

Since the inception of XS Power, they have dominated the car audio competition a lot. They have reached to the highest title & earnt a record of setting a benchmark in the battery & power cell industry. Their recent Lithium Car Audio Battery proves to be the most compact, affordable yet powerful car audio battery, the stetting highest standard in the lithium technology.

For the ultimate output and highest satisfaction in quality. The XS powers display compact design, safest technology & powerful results designed for car audio enthusiasts.

Closer insight of XS POWER Titan8:

There is a built-in 2/0 bussing allowing a total of 4 positive & negative hidden direct connections to the module without the requirement of any external bussing to expose. Further, still leaving the 2 easily accessible terminals situated on the top & 4 parallel or series expansion terminal to be able to build a bank for any configuration from 12V, 14V, 16V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V or any other configuration that one can imagine.

Further, the single & unique designed offered in it with 2.4V individual module can allow installation to be flexible. With that, the module comes with all the accessories to make it more demanding like classy logo cable cover XS, Mounting hardware & terminal set screw, rubberized insulating cover with bolts in the required quantity.

Titan8 Bluetooth technology adding safety & reliability: 

All the module has a standard built-in balancing system that can be upgraded to include Bluetooth connectivity too. This allows one to have access to the remote cell monitoring, battery health check, internal temperature monitoring, as well as helps in obtaining notification option from any tablet, smartphone as soon as the user limit is met. It gives one of the best reasons to think about having an investment in XS power lithium batteries. This also includes over-temperature notification, overcharging & low voltage.

Warranty to expect in XS POWER Titan8:

The main concern comes with the warranty, and you can assure the quality of it that allows the user to enjoy the extended warranty of up to 4 years. This eventually is resulted in the usage data stored in the app that assist any sort of troubleshooting on time.


Below mentioned are the initial release module with their details, including price, voltage, capacity & power are mentioned. With that, there are too many other exciting options available with BCI direct fit modules, fully insulated with monitoring temperature inbuilt and also good for the used factory underhood position.

  • PWR-S5: $688.99
  • 12V, 10Ah, 5,000W – 8,000W
  • PWR-S6: $804.99
  • 14V, 10Ah, 6,000W – 9,000W
  • PWR-S7: $919.99
  • 16V, 10Ah, 7,000W – 10,000W

Reserve Modules – Designed for Peak Capacity 

The physical size of this series is the same as power ones, but the best part is its double amount of storage & energy. This just reduces half of the energy or wattage rating and doubles the capacity rating. In some installation, using 1 or more modules for each series could be required.

The recommended module is PWR. 

  • RSV-S5: $747.99
  • 12V, 20Ah, 2,500W – 4,000W
  • RSV-S6: $885.99
  • 14V, 20Ah, 3,000W – 4,500W
  • RSV-S7: $1,023.99
  • 16V – 20Ah, 3,500W – 5,000W

BCI Models to be launch soon: 51, 51R, 47, 48, 49, 34, 34R, and 65.

It is the most high-powered lithium cell with a high burst output of 100 times its capacity. Plus, the high charge current of 30-60 times its capacity. This can support burst current up to 1,000A due to the single 10Ah module use with accepting 300A of continuous charge current.

Designed to be the best of all, the lithium technology XS Power Titan8 sets a remarkable standard, and it is available in only select retailers.

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