Everything-Mobile: Why Gamblers are Turning to Mobile Apps?

The popularity of mobile devices has also led to increasingly more gamblers turning to mobile apps – and it’s no wonder why. Today smartphones are being discussed and analyzed in a variety of surveys, articles, and reports.

Reports show that more than 90 per cent of age groups younger than 55 own a smartphone. That’s a great difference when we take the seniors into consideration, but as we compare the figures from 2012 and those from 2019, we notice that the percentage of elderlies who own and use a smartphone is peaking as quickly as the percentages for other groups.

It’s expected that the number of smartphone users will exceed 90 per cent for all age groups. A few years back the figure was 79 per cent only in Britain.

Online Gambling – All-time High 

British Gambling Commission regularly publishes statistics and figures from surveys and other resources to gain better insights into the state’s gambling landscape and make proper forecasts. And, as it seems, the online gambling revenues are peaking. The industry is now reaching a new level of consistency that other industries can only dream of, drooling at gambling’s success year after year.

One of the most prominent pillars of the gambling industry, as cases show, are mobile devices. Their notoriety and perpetual innovation upped the number of customers, making them forget that land-based blackjack casinos exist. 

But people’s attitudes towards gambling are also fascinating. Over 80 per cent of respondents said that online gambling brought them a lot of opportunities, whereas only three-quarters consider gambling a threat to day-to-day family life.

What’s more, a great majority support the idea that everyone should be allowed to gamble whenever and wherever they want. Taking into account public people’s opinion regarding gambling and how it should be regulated, it looks like they want online gambling to be legal but only with a set of security measures.

As of where and what they play, gamblers are looking for trustworthiness and fairness in operators, which applies to all kinds of gambling, be that sports betting, free casinos Colombians games, or some other form of gambling.

Mobile Gambling – All the Rage

Looking at which age group is most likely to gamble using a smartphone, we can say that people love convenience and entertainment no matter their age. Mobile gambling among young adults is 76 per cent, as opposed to only 14 per cent with adults older than 65. Meanwhile, the percentage of people age 35-44 who wager using their mobile devices stand at two-thirds.

What are some advantages of mobile gambling?

Smartphones are Convenient

Considering that mobile usability keeps rising, so does the number of people using smartphones for online casinos and sports betting platforms.

Today, mobile users have little to no patience. Nobody wants to wait behind a desk to wager, and they have less of a desire to walk to the nearest casino to indulge in such activities. Convenience and accessibility is what gambling enthusiasts crave.

With modern devices accessible in all shapes and sizes, gamblers can play from anywhere, at any time, on a wide range of online platforms.

By now, mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic, and when it comes to online slots, the market is following a similar pattern.

It’s anticipated that the online gambling market will gain 100 million new gamblers in the next four years, almost all of which rely on mobile devices to access their desired casino platforms.

Variety is the Spice of Life

A few years back, mobile gambling disappointed its fan bases through the associations of lower quality, poor graphics, and inferior gameplay. Well, not anymore.

Nowadays, the latest technological advancements fascinate players with games like Fortnite on a mobile device. Accessibility to such products only means that the variety to mobile gamblers will reach new levels. And that’s good news.

In the past, players had to face multiple issues surrounding live deal games as a part of the play-on-the-go experience, something we’ve all forgotten about.

The future, on the other hand, looks kind of shiny. We’re expecting the implementation of AR and VR technologies to play a decisive role in driving the gaming industry, be that online multiplayer games or online slots.

With recent innovations, you will soon be able to feel the real casino experience from the comfort of your couch, using only a small headset.

Smarter and Faster Payment Methods

Goodbye checks and bank transfers. Although some casino platforms still accept there, the popularity of cryptos and e-wallets have completely changed the way hard-hitters interact with their funds.

Everyone wishes for privacy and speed, which is something e-wallets and cryptos provide. Using dedicated apps will allow you to make fast transactions with a few clicks on a screen and move your funds around within seconds.

Most likely, you’ve heard it a dozen times, but it echoes truth on so many levels – crypto is set to rule the gambling world as increasingly more operators are starting to accept them. Cryptocurrencies make gamblers feel at ease due to the reduced threat of hacking and identity theft.

Wi-Fi is Everywhere

Indeed. Gone are the days when you had to look for a Wi-Fi connection anywhere you go. Now it’s ubiquitously, and increasingly more mobile users have an unlimited data plan as well.

Plan to gamble 2 hours from now? Today you’re almost always in range of a Wi-Fi network regardless of where you are, so you can wager or play the latest casino games with ease.

With software developers creating slots that appeal to a younger demographic and casino operators offering more choice, it is clear that mobile gambling is only set for success.