Everything you wanted to know about paver sealers

Many of the people around the world are fond of seeing the extraordinary styles of their surface. The surface includes several pavers and tiles. There is a whole discussion on the types of pavers and tiles. But the question is how we can protect the expensive pavers from different harmful things. The first things can easily harm your paver is nonother than the sunrays. So, there is an unlimited type of sealers that will protect your costly pavers from dust particles and sun rays.

When the paver is packed completely with sealers, they bring an aromatic feel to the path and protect the paving sets against tear and dust particles from climate for a long period of time. Different types of paver sealants are used depending upon the situations where it is going to be applied. Before applying paver sealers we have to take several things under consideration such as cost, weather conditions, and traversal frequency.

Types of sealers:

There are several types of paver sealers: Seal N lock, water and Acrylic based sealers. The longevity of every sealer can be increased which heavily depends upon the quality of the sealer and correct technical implementation. Seal N lock sealers are basically rough and don’t have too much shine. There’s really not too much of color enhancement and it is not protected with the shield but it can be used for a long period of time. Acrylic based sealants add a shine, nice depth of color and also the durability. Further, the technical implementation of the sealer is vital to its appearance and operate, and performance instruments or conferences with the expert are essential to guarantee that the work is performed correctly.

In this article, we will put a light on some of the best paver sealers, which are as follows:

  1. Concrete Coatings SuperSeal 2000:

It is one of the best paver sealers for the wet look. It is used for a strong glossy option that enhances the rock and hardwood surfaces. Before applying this paver sealer, make sure your surface is fully cleaned. It doesn’t guarantee you the protection because it’s a solvent based acrylic sealer which can be applied both indoor and outdoor for a high gloss and wet look. The more the glossy your paver is, the more gloss will stay. Try to use those sealers which contain a certain amount of gloss in it and Concrete Coatings SuperSeal 2000 is one of them.

  1. Ultra-Dry 70 Premium Sealer — Best Water-Based Paver Sealer:

Ultra-Dry 70 Premium Sealer is one of the most affordable sealants. It will protect your expensive pavers from different kind of stains. The major yes for this Ultra-Dry 70 Premium Sealer is it contains some extraordinary properties that will protect your pavers from harmful sun rays. It also works well for materials like limestone, marble, etc.

  1. Kilz Sealer:

Kilz Sealer is one of the most recommended glossy solutions for pavers and another type of surfaces. The glossy look it gives to the surface is exceptional in the sense of texture and smoothness. the applying process of Kilz Sealer is very easy as it can be done through brushes, rollers, and pads. The beginners mostly use Kilz Sealer because of its handy use.

  1. Foundation Armor AR 350:

Sometimes your pavers need a solid solution for its safety. In this condition,  Foundation Armor AR 350 is the best option. It gives a blemish-free wet-look to your costly pavers. The most common use of Foundation Armor AR 350 is done on stone materials. This sealer is probably worth using for your pavers. The bonding of stone and sealer gives the best-wet look.

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