Ex-customer bombards ETrade with 7,000 profanity-laden phone calls

ETrade has filed a lawsuit against a man who allegedly ‘terrorized’ the online investment company with 7,000 profane phone calls over three months.

Abrash Fuzaylov is accused of spamming ETrade’s customer service line ‘lacing his repeated calls with profanities, perverse requests for sexual favors from ETrade’s female employees and homophobic slurs to ETrade’s male employees’, according to the lawsuit obtained by DailyMail.com.

Fuzaylov launched his attack on the company in February after realizing that the money he’d been rewarded in a dispute over fraudulent charges on his account had been taxed but ETrade refused to pick up the bill.

The company’s suit claims Fuzaylov’s  three-month-long campaign has caused a ‘massive internal disruption’ and led ‘innumerable’ employees to threaten to quit.

ETrade has filed a lawsuit against Abrash Fuzaylov for ‘terrorizing’ the online investment company with 7,000 profane phone calls over three months (stock image)

Fuzaylov, who lives in Queens, had reportedly been an ETrade customer for 10 years before he noticed that there were about $1,000-worth of fraudulent charges on a credit card linked to his account in November 2016.

ETrade denied the claim because it was not reported in the allowable timeframe, but agreed to settle the dispute by paying him $1,173 in February 2017, at which point his account was closed.

One year later Fuzaylov realized that the payment had been taxed, and filed a complaint with the company. 

E*TRADE dismissed the complaint based on the fact that the settlement agreement stipulated that Fuzaylov would bear sole responsibility for any taxes owed as a result.

In retaliation, Fuzaylov ’embarked on a relentless campaign of harassment and intimidation’, according to the suit. 

The company’s efforts to block Fuzaylov’s calls were unsuccessful because he was using more than 50 different phone numbers.

A cease and desist letter was issued on March 29, but Fuzaylov ignored it, leading the company file a suit with the Manhattan Supreme Court on Saturday, June 15.

The suit claims that on calls with at least five different female representatives Fuzaylov asked: ‘Do you want to give me a blow job?’ or ‘Do you want to suck my d**k?’

Recently he called a male representative four times back-to-back saying: ‘How are you, faggot?’ and ‘Are you gay?’

He also reportedly told more than 20 different representatives: ‘Go f**k yourself.’

The company is asking for Fuzaylov to be banned from calling ever again along with a payment of $25,000 in damages. 

Fuzaylov has 20 days to respond to the summons.   

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